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New burger spot on Ossington?

Any one know anything about the new burger spot opening up on Ossington, just south of Dundas? It's still under construction but looks interesting. I think it was called BQM Burgers.

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  1. It's just Burger Shoppe from Queen East.

    1. its from the same owners as burger shoppe, but its going to be more upscale than the queen east location. it will have a full bar and table service. i hear its a gastro pub?
      check out this article

      1. My burger was overcooked and, though I don't associate quantity with quality, it was too small for the price tag. Toppings were lacking and just plain sad. The fries were not of the crisp variety, but they were tasty.

        I prefer a Lick's burger, for much less money.

        It's in my neighbourhood, so it was a real letdown.

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          lick's burger is much less money because it's crap meat you are eating!!! i am a vegetarian and had the veg burger at BQM. loved it. my partner had a regular burger and he also said it was fantastic. i am so happy to see someone doing grass fed naturally raised cattle as opposed to the old factory farmed method most places still sadly do. if you eat meat, please try to support naturally raised organic meat whenever possible!!!!

          1. re: bomchicawowow

            OK, but frankly when it comes to burgers, I will pass on grass-fed beef, thanks. It still can't touch corn-fed in terms of juiciness. Naturally raised, yes, absolutely.

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              Grass fed gives you a more interesting taste and is intentionally less fatty than corn fed meat. That's your juicyness.

              I ate at GBQM a week ago and had a mixed experience. Burgers were very good, fries were decent. I would definitely recommend for burgers, but do not go until spring!

              We went January 16th, a cold, windy, and snowy night (ok so that's normal this winter). I couldn't get the door open. I wasn't sure what was going on - waitress finally opened door and told us they had to lock the door because the wind was blowing it open!

              We got a seat immediately, thanks to it only being 2 of us. Found the restaurant was extremely cold. Heat was insufficient and the very tall ceilings weren't helping (14 feet?). The worst part was the huge door, maybe 10 feet tall, which didn't help in a real canadian winter.

              Beyond the arctic temperatures, the space is very nice and well designed. Should be a great place in spring and summer with the ceilings, glass, and garage door to the side patio.

              Another reason not to visit in winter or bad weather: the Ossington scene being concentrated at Dundas makes getting a close parking spot a huge challenge. Long, cold walk, followed by a long, cold wait and a cold restaurant is not exactly wonderful. Should make for a fun experience this summer!

              1. re: preppycuisine

                Oh I'm well aware the extra fat is the juiciness when it comes to corn-fed. I'm eating a burger, I'm not too worried about fat.

              2. re: childofthestorm

                Corn fed beef is strongly associated with the U.S. midwest. It is available here, but not so much in Ontario or Alberta beef. Our own beef is grass fed (including hay) until finishing, when they get a selection of grains, more barley than corn, but also wheat, soy, rye. Our beef producers have done a good job of feeding grass and finishing on non corn grains. I have had superb tasting ground beef from an Ontario source, www.beefconnections.ca, also Cumbrae's, and corn was not fed.

                1. re: jayt90

                  Good to know, thanks. I have a stock of corn-fed from a local farmer in Perth, Ontario that my mother set me up with but it is rapidly dwindling. I would like to see a burger place here in Toronto source it, as I do believe people would taste the difference. For example, LaFrieda in NY which supplies Shake Shack and virtually every high-end burger-serving restaurant in NY, uses aged corn-fed Nebraska beef for their burgers.

                  But then, Argentinian grass-fed beef is superb, so I recognize that it can be done very very well.

                  1. re: childofthestorm

                    I can't really make any comment on LaFrieda or Shake Shack, but the mere mention of Nebraska brings to mind M. Pollan's Times article on grass fed beef from Montana (he purchased a steer), sent to a huge finishing lot near Omaha, fed corn for 6 weeks along with hormones and antibiotics to keep the beast alive, and finally Michael got a fairly good steak , but not as good as grass fed. The feedlot conditions were appalling, and there is nothing like it in Alberta or Ontario.

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                      Yeah, I dunno, Pollan has an agenda and let's say taste is not at the top of his list. I would trust a guy like George Motz, who wrote the book "Hamburger America" and favours corn-fed, more when it comes to what tastes best. But yeah, mass corn-fed herds are pretty deleterious to the environment. And no one wants hormones. As an artisanal product, though, I think corn-fed would have a place here in the Toronto burger landscape. The naturally-raised small-herd stuff I have from Perth is sublime.

          2. wow, someone actually liked a Lick's burger over BQM's? i was at BQM last week for lunch (they just started serving lunch) and found the experience great. i am a fan of meat, so that is what i want to taste. i have no problem with the appropriate amount of seasoning to ACCENT the meat; but, it should not overwhelm. BQM does just that. you taste the meat. it was cooked medium and was very juicy.

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              I went in mid December and the owner, super friendly BTW, suggested that I order the burger "juicy" next time since at that visit my $10 burger was dry (fries are an extra $4). He also said that they were going to get a meat grinder which would allow them to cook their burgers rare vs medium. I had the deluxe Mac and Cheese as well, decadent!
              Since I live in the neighbhourhood, I'm glad a Good new place opened up!

            2. I thought it was good - fries with gravy were amazing... but I agree, very very cold. The concrete floor does not help matters. Might just wait and go back when it's not so freezing. Hopefully they'll have a patio - I just can't wait for warm weather.

              1. HIPSTERS BEWARE! Ok, so I've pretty much eaten at every burger joint in the city and I must say this was probably one of the worst I've had. At a going rate of almost $10 with no sides or drink this was really bad. I had the bacon, cheese and "onion ring" burger and although I didn't get sides I probably would've hated the onion rings anyways. The burger was cooked at "medium rare" as asked but the meat itself was under seasoned and tasteless. Having other options in the city for burgers I suggest you try The Gourmet Burger Company in Cabbagetown or Craft Burger on King St. Straight forward goodness with no pretention added.

                Gourmet Burger Co.
                482 Parliament St. Toronto, ON ON

                Big Smoke Burger
                573 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M1, CA

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                1. re: so_overrated

                  Wait... are you warning the hipsters away from what you consider to be a substandard burger.. or are you trying to alert us to the presence of hipsters? Inquiring minds need to know.

                  I was there not too long ago and found that the clientele was varied. Old, young, in between, just a regular bunch of people unpretentiously chowing down on burgers. Which by the way I found to be quite tasty and juicy. Onion rings were nicely done, fries were unexciting but better than Craft's. I'd say the BQM burger was tastier than the one I had at Craft last week.

                  1. re: dxs

                    Can we put a moratorium on the word hipster when describing restaurant clientele?
                    I had a BQM burger as did my hipster girlfriend and we both enjoyed it. Not outstanding but decent enough for a neighbourhood spot. I'm actually starting to find the burger discussions to be quite funny. I'd love to have eaten the transcendental burger that some people have apparently enjoyed that ruined all other burgers for them.

                    1. re: jamesm

                      I think in most cases the 'transcendental burger' will turn out to have been one eaten during childhood. Just as the songs we loved when we were kids have a special place in our hearts, so do certain foods (cue sentimental music right here).

                    2. re: dxs

                      I mean both, I didn't say "substandard" burger by the way. Go to The Gourmet Burger Company and then come talk to me. If you want "substandard" go Hero or Acme burger. I admit Craft is hit and miss with service and quality but overall their burger is way tastier.

                      1. re: so_overrated

                        ACME is definitely substandard. They seem to precook all their burgers and then barely warm them before serving them to their customers. WTF? My experience of Craft is not good either - my burger was so full of gristle that my jaw hurt after chewing my way through it. I'm a big burger fan, so I guess I'll have to give BQM a shot... Fingers crossed...

                  2. Was in the neighbourhood today and thought I'd give BQM a try.

                    Ambience - Well, very little actually. Poured concrete floors, wooden folding chairs.... all in all, very austere. Actually, I had to do a double take when I walked in as I thought I was in a bar. There were no obvious signs that this was a restaurant. Menus on the table and the chalk board listed only wines, martinis and cocktails. However, the server came over quickly with a food menu.

                    Food - Most of the menu items were your typical road house type cuisine. Obviously, burgers are a specialty, but they also had the obligatory salads, ribs, club house, etc. Visiting with the intention of trying a burger I ordered the Lakeside, upgraded to a sirloin patty. (Still trying to watch my carbs, I avoided the tempation to order poutine or any other side.) The burger was quite enjoyable. It was a six ounce patty on a fresh semi-toasted bun garnished with a really fresh, tasty tomato, mayo, mesclun greens, BBQ sauce, cheese curds. The burger had good flavour, was quite juicy and delivered medium rare as ordered. I thoroughly enjoyed it until I go the sticker shock. Total bill for only a burger and a diet coke was $18.02 all in. (Glad I could expense this). Good burger but not worth the charge.

                    1. The burgers at BQm are very juicy, mainly because you can order them done medium, which measn that the beef will not be cooked through and will still be bloody in the middle. They can do this without making people sick because of the quality of their beef. This burger should not be compared to a Lick's burger - they are simply not in the same league.

                      However, one thing should be noted. Their beef is grass-fed, but grain finished. Grain finished means that for the last few months of life, the cows are taken off the pasture and fed grain, which really fattens them up before slaughter. Without this added layer of fat, the beef simply would not be all that tasty, and would not be suitable for hamburger beef. This is common practice with Canadian grass-fed beef, and there currently are no laws that govern whether grain-finished beef can be called grass-fed or not. You can find out more by looking up the farm's website published on the menu at BQM.

                      I'm not making judgements about whether this is right or wrong - I'm just stating the facts. It is very hard to find completely grass-fed beef at any restaurant in Canada, let alone a chain (even though it's a small one). The quality of the beed at BQM is still superb to most I have tried.

                      BQM Diner
                      354 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V2A2, CA

                      1. 2 burgers, 1 fry, 1 beer, 1 wine. $43. Tip =$0.

                        Our burgers were pretty good. Fries looked nice but were lukewarm and over-salted.
                        I got the chuck, as I couldn't stomach an extra $4 for a fancier grind, nor was I convinced it would taste any better. My lady had the sirloin grind because she's fancy that way.

                        White vinegar was stored in the fridge!? (meaning warm fries turned into cold fries faster)
                        My pint was fantastic, glass of wine also well reviewed.

                        Service was beyond terrible. Slow and completely devoid of any semblance of interest.

                        The place was busy, and the people next to us were aware of the shoddy service. I do not expect to return.