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Nov 4, 2008 06:07 AM

Reccomendations near Fairfield New Jersey

I will be in New jersey on business for the next three days. i am staying at the Hampton Inn & suites in Fairfield NJ. My traveling companion is not very adventurous with food. I on the other hand am open to all cuisine types. I am looking for any nearby recommendations for lunch and dinner. I don't want to go too high end, just great food, white napkins or paper plates makes no difference to me, it's all about the food.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Chengdu 23 in Wayne for authentic sichuan cooking (the menu also has regular americanized chinese food for your companion.

    River Kwai in Totowa for Thai.

    Sushi Lounge in Totowa for sushi.

    South City Prime in Little Falls for a burger (expensive steakhouse, but great burger - get the grass fed burger).

    Bacchus in Fairfield also makes a decent burger.

    Not too far away is the town of Montclair, which has many restaurants, some of which are very good, like Blu.

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      Most of the recommendations given by (tommy) are east and south of the place you are staying at. Review the thread below and pay attention to the suggestions in Parsippany & Denville, Route's 46 and 10.....most of these recommendations are west and most all are within 10 minutes of where you are staying.

      I would also add Lombardi's for an alcoholic beverage...and for Italian fare and Thin Crust Pizza just down Fairfield Road from the Hampton's Inn... personally I find their pizza tasty, but a tad bit too greasy.....but it is very popular in the area.

      Lombardi's Bar & Restaurant
      94 Fairfield Rd
      Fairfield, NJ 07004
      (973) 227-0003

    2. The best, totally authentic Japanese restaurant is Tomo's Cuisine in Little Falls/Singac. It's about 2 miles from your hotel. Route 23 South, past WIllowbrook Mall, over river, through the light, on right hand side.