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Nov 4, 2008 03:55 AM

Rooster Thai Chicken

Just opened in Plaza Del Mercado (Bel Pre and Layhill in SS). An interesting menu as it mixes several Thai dishes with what looks like Peruvian chicken. The Thai menu includes Pad Thai, Kao Pad, Pad Kee Mow and Pad See Ew. My wife had Pad Thai and thought it was very tasty; I had Pad Kee Mow (Drunken noodles) and if you like spicy (and I do) it was excellent. Each of the Thai dishes was 7.95. They also offered 2 salads -- Som Tum (a papaya salad) and Yum Neur (grilled beef) -- 5.95 and 7.95 respectively. The chicken is priced similar to other places. Side dishes include french fries, fried yuca, fried plantain, cole slaw, corn, and salad. Another dish on the menu is Empanadas (Thai style) for 5.95. I should mention that, when we were in the restaurant on Sunday evening, if you weren't Thai, you definitely were a minority. I should also mention that there is somewhat of a language problem at the register, but everything seems to work out.

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  1. went there tonight and my husband and I had the same two dishes as skipper did. both were quite good. the drunken noodles were a little bit spicy for me- and I like spicy food but I managed. this is a great neighborhood place and once the weather is warm there will be seating on the deck. otherwise, it's not quite a place for indoor dining. not much in the atmosphere dept.
    I wish they would drop the latin dishes and stick with the Thai. I can get Peruvian chicken and plantains in another new place around the corner on Layhill Road.
    I will definitely be back!

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      We went there and had Pad Thai and Pad see ew. They both were ok but the place is not for dining as startsev said. If you like Thai food you should try Thai Cuisine in Olney on North Georgia Ave. You can look at there web site We love there place and there food, the place is small but the food is so good. I have been in Thailand before and they had the same taste it's like real taste real Thai food on their menu. Good price, great food and big portion, we're really enjoy them.

    2. I loved their food... I have been dying for a decent place to eat here... I live a mile away from this restaurant and work from home... Let me tell you I have been lunching here quite often.

      Thanks for the recommendation!