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Nov 4, 2008 03:00 AM

[London] Best Chinese, Indian, Japanese restaurants?

Hi, I am comming for my annual few days in London. Usually I have not chosen the restaurants but now its my turn, so I need some advice, please.

I am looking for the best Chinese, Indian and Japanese restaurants. Please no vegetarian restaurants.

Money is not a problem, I expect that the prices will be between 25-50 pounds pp... but the food should be the best so I can handle to pay more than that if necessary.

I am looking forward for your suggestions. Thank you very much,

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    1. There's an Indian restaurant for everyone who's in London. If you want upscale, there's Amaya, Cinnamon Club, Benares, Tamarind etc. Best is such a relative term and we all have our own favorites. Others will say a place in Brick Lane is best - it's up to you.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        anyone who recommends an indian place in brick lane is going to get a visit from the secret police. you have been warned.

        1. re: howler

          This thing is almost two years old!! I can see time is on your hands over 'there.' :-)
          I did not recommend Brick Lane... just said that some like it. Whoops... there's a knock at my door...........

      2. If money is not a problem, you should probably expect more in the £40 to £60 range, depending on your drinking habits.

        For Chinese, try Hakkasan or Yauatcha.

        For Japanese, try Roka.

        All are a bit on the trendy side.

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          Hunan is meant to be excellent - no menus - the chef chats to you and you discuss what your dietary requirements are. Last time friends went, it was £40 a head. I can't wait to go.

          Yauatcha (and Hakkasan) but it won't be £25 a head unless you're very careful with the ordering and only have dim sum for lunch. I personally really like Pearl Liang for both dim sum and dinner.

          Japanese - well Roka is great (one of my favourites) but you'll again struggle to eat for £25 a head. If you want down to earth, I like Jinkichi in Hampstead.

          I haven't eaten at any good Indian places for a while, so can't help you there! I've reviewed all the restaurants I've mentioned, with photos, apart from Hunan, so have a look if you need to make decisions. Enjoy your foodie trip!

          Helen Yuet Ling Pang

          1. re: foodie guide

            Helen - I think the OP said £25 to 50 and is prepared to spend more.

            1. re: PhilD

              Phil D, you're so right! I was barely awake when I wrote this. Thanks for pointing it out to me. So the recs will be perfect!

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              Helen - I've been reading your reviews for quite awhile now (adore and miss your blog!) and would love if you could help with these 2 threads on the best authentic Japanese food in case you're still lurking on here somewhere ;)

              What are the must-order items at Jinkichi? Thanks in advance!

          2. The original comment has been removed