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Nov 4, 2008 02:16 AM

STL to Lake of the Ozarks

Heading down this weekend for a little time w/ the fam. I'm looking for some good chow spots halfway between the Loo and the Lake as well as some casual good spots for all meals once we get there. I'm a huge breakfast fan so please drop me some ideas in that respect too. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Are you taking I-44?

    Memorable pizza at Alex's House Of Pizza in 'downtown' Rolla.

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    1. re: Doug

      Pretrty sure we're taking 70 then south on 54.

    2. We were there a couple of year's ago and nothing at the lake stood out. I can tell you to avoid a restaurant called Little Rizzo's (Italian). It won first prize in my personal Worst Pizza Ever category. Even my kids started calling the place "Little Sucko's".

      1. Haven't been to the Lake in a couple of y ears but used to enjoy the breakfasts at Burger's Smokehouse.

        1. Will you get anywhere near the Lambert's that is a half-hour or fortyfive minutes east of Branson? Lambert's is worth a short detour -- a lot of fun, a very good value. Home of the "throwed rolls" that they toss to diners, and big helpings of comfort food like fried chicken, chicken fried steak, or meatloaf. Besides the sides that come with the dishes, they also serve some sides (fried okra, cottage fried potatoes) circulating around the huge dining rooms. Very fun place.

          Also, if you do get anywhere near Branson, my favorite meal there by far was at the College of the Ozarks (nicknamed Hard Work U.) at the Keeter Center, which is just off the highway south of the city. Gorgeous big hunting lodge room, staffed mostly by students. We ate dinner, but the highlight was the desserts, especially the baked goods and ice cream. We agreed it would probably be even better for brunch.

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            I don't think we'll make it on south. We just roadtripped the 2.5 hrs to Lamberts Sikeston locale a few weeks ago as the kids wanted to quell their throwed rolls jones..LOL

            1. re: DetectDave

              There is a relatively new, upscale restaurant in Austin TX called Lambert's that has some BBQ on their menu, but is completely unaffiliated. Lots of fun to pull the chains of all of their servers by repeatedly bugging them for "throwed rolls."

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              Thanks for the Keeter Center tip. We just got back from Branson and tried it and were very impressed, especially considering our other not-so-enticing options. (Keeter may be the only place in Branson that isn't an all-you-can-eat buffet!!)

            3. At the lake, Gator's has pretty good cajun food, J.B.Hooks is a little more upscale but good food and a great view, the fried lobster tail at J. Brunner's is good and the place is casual. The best steaks at the Lake are at Michael's, which is down towards the southern end near TanTarA. on the way, the Ecco lounge in Jefferson City has great pork tenderloin sandwiches, prime rib sandwiches and excellent onion rings and waffle fries.