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Nov 4, 2008 12:28 AM

Aureole-celebrating 20th Anniversary review

Last week Aureole celebrated it's 20th anniversary and it was a once in a lifetime dining experience (the special menu was offered for 2 days only). To note the occasion, one dish was selected from each year and served in tasting size portions (most were actually multiple tasting size portions so this was a full evening occasion--almost 4 hours). Multiple dishes were served as a course so it ended up at about 9 courses, perfectly paired wines too. (Menu is posted as of today on


Frankly, the last entree course I looked at longingly and then asked for it to be packed up since I would not do it justice at the time (though yummy for lunch the next day).

I appreciated that the staff made adjustments for certain food/wine type preferences.

Charlie Palmer welcomed each person with warmth and expressed appreciation of our patronage.

The food was incredible and clearly showed the consistency in performance over the past 2 decades. Alex, the maitre'd and Justin, the sommelier were wonderful and conveyed warmth and appreciation of our patronage over the years. The rest of the staff is warm and efficient.

While I only began dining at Aureole about 4-5 years ago, I look forward to another 20 years+, continuing when they move next year to 42nd and 6th.

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  1. Eve, thanks for your well-done review. I agree with all of your comments. Everything at the dinner was perfect. I hope Aureole has their next anniversary celebration in 10 years.