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Nov 3, 2008 10:26 PM

A Japanese restaurant in Korea will have a new sushi chef dispatched from Kyubei

Westin Chosun Hotel, one of major five star hotels in Seoul, Korea, will re-open its Japanese restarant 'Sushi Cho' today.

The face-lifted restaurant, which used to be at the basement floor, will be relocated on the top floor of the hotel, and this time it will have a business alliance with Tokyo's famed restaurant Kyubei. Actually a chef from Kyubei, Mr. Matsumoto Mizuho, will be dispatched to, and will stay at, Sushi Cho to ensure the quality.
This culinary event follows the introduction of Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul, which opened at Lotte Hotel last month.

For the first two days of opening, today and tomorrow, Kyubei's chef owner Mr. Imada Yousuke will serve sushi to the guests.

The restaurant has two "live sushi" rooms, one accommodating up to four guests and the other up to fourteen people. Those guests who make reservations at the live sushi room will be exclusively served by chef Matsumoto, although today and tomorrow only the exclusive sushi-serving chef will be Mr. Imada (What an honor).

I reserved at the live sushi room tonight, and I will post a follow-up report.

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  1. interesting! how did it go, and how do you think it'll hold up after the owner leaves?

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      I absolutely loved it.
      Even at Ginza Kyubei, it is not easy to see Mr. Imada, and in that sense, it was a wonderful experience to enjoy sushi exclusively prepared by Mr. Imada for full three hours.
      Mr. Imada said the temperature of sushi rice is critical, and in order to keep the right temperature, a staff constantly kept supplying a tiny bit of sushi rice from the kitchen to our live sushi room whenever Imada san made new pieces of sushi for us.
      To me, the sushi rice tasted far better than what I used to have at Tokyo's Kyubei, where I normally eat at the bigger sushi counter. May be because there are more guests to serve and the rice-supplying interval will be naturally longer at Kyubei's sushi counter? I am not sure.

      Now that Imada san has left Sushi Cho, there is only Mr. Matsumoto Mizuho, who has also been dispatched from Kyubei.
      Although I did not try Mr. Matsumoto's sushi yet, a friend of mine who did recently says his sushi was equally impressive.
      He tried the live sushi room course too.

      * Some photos with Imada san at the grand opening here: