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Nov 3, 2008 10:19 PM

Guinness Beer in Baltimore...

Just wondering if anyone has a solid recommendation or knows of a bar or restaurant in Baltimore that sells bottles of Guinness (or even on tap I suppose too) for a reasonable price or have Guinness as a Happy Hour special with a discounted price???

Me and my wife went to some bar in MT. Vernon the other night i think it was called Camel or Hippo (never been before so i am not too sure) and they charged $5 for ONE bottle of Guinness!! I could not believe it when I handed the bartender my $5 bill i received no change! Guess that place is a Rip-Off so where else is there? (I know I can buy and drink at home, but I want a bar/restaurant)


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  1. Sounds like the Hippo. What do you consider a reasonable price for Guinness? I never see it for less than $4.50.

    There's an Irish place south of the Washington Monument on Charles Street, but the name escapes me. I recall them having some decent happy hour specials.

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      Mick Osheas on the 300 block of N. Charles St. I don't think you'll find a lot of deals on Guiness... it's not cheap to get wholesale. also try Dougherty's on Chase, they might be the cheapest around.

    2. The Hon Bar in Hampden has a decent pour of Guinness, I think it's like $4.50 regularly. Also try J. Patricks in Locust Point.

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        Mick O'Sheas has $4.00 20oz Guinness for Happy Hour, M-F 4 to 7

      2. I drink Guinness maybe too frequently, and I would suggest the $5, while on the top end, is not necessarily that big of a rip off. I would say the standard around the city is close to $4, so they aren't that far off.

        As for places to take a good pint, definitely hit J.Patrick's in Locust Point. A great, true Irish pub.

        The cheapest I have found is PJ's Pub on Charles st near the Johns Hopkins campus. Its a vintage college bar but their Guinness is $3.50. They also have a great deal on half way decent pizza, buy a large pizza and get a pitcher of beer for free. College!!

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          I have to agree that $5 is not a rip off. I've paid $7, 8, 9 in some higher end places. All beer is incredibly overpriced in bars.

          1. re: KAZ

            second the J Pat's reference.
            Guinness is not cheap to put on tap, thanks in part to the weakness of the dollar (now less of an issue than it was 6 weeks ago, but it will take time for that to trickle down) and also because it requires its own tap system.

            1. re: pleiades

              Thanks guys. I appreciate all the Rec's. $3.50 at PJ's eh? I take that is for a bottle or what?? I will be considering Looney's and Mick O' Sheas in the future (I checked out their web sites)

              1. re: Woof Woof Woof

                The $3.50 is for a pint. I usually stop by that place on my way home from work, when it isn't too crowded, so that might be a happy hour price.

                1. re: Woof Woof Woof

                  $5 for a true Imp. pint on tap is about average. But the OP said $5 for a "bottle" some of which is being bottled in Canada!. There are several "packaging schemes" of Guiness out there on the market so its best to check out how much beer you are really getting.

                  If not available on tap, I prefer the "can with a widget" Bottles just don't cut it for me

                  At any rate remember that a proper Guiness "pint" is an Imp. pint containing 20% more beer than the standard 16 oz US pint. Bars here in the US are often clueless about this fact or worse, actually deceptive by using glassware that is US 16 oz.. full up oto the rim w/o the head.

                  1. re: JRCann

                    Are there any Irish places that have Beamish on tap? Seems like Guinness has a lock on Irish taps. Does Guiness have some sort of exclusive arrangement preventing them from carrying other brands of stouts? Beamish is impossible to find, but I much prefer the taste.

                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                      Killarney House, Galway Bay in the Annapolis area had it last time I checked.

                      1. re: JRCann

                        The Killarney House in Davidsonville is not that far from my Mom's place. Been there before and they do have Beamish on tap, but the service was godawful. I may just go back for the Beamish, though.

                    2. re: JRCann

                      That's because Guinness in a bottle isn't Guinness Stout. It's Guinness Extra Stout. different stuff- stronger in alcohol, darker, and heavier. More like an Imperial Stout than Irish Stout.

                      1. re: pleiades

                        Pleiades, You are partly right, Note that the bottles marked "Guinness Draught" are the lower alcohol, lighter version, not Extra Stout. I much prefer the draught version, can or bottle. In Ireland all of the taps have the lower alcohol Guiness. Apparently Extra Stout was originally made for export for those countries expecting something stronger and heavier. (This info from my next door neighbor who is a bartender/restaurant manager who emigrated from Dublin. ) He also claims the secret is in the water and how well the tap lines are cleaned & maintained (something they are very strict about in Ireland --- so best to go have it in Dublin.

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