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Nov 3, 2008 08:45 PM

(MSP) Money's tight. Any cheap date suggs?

i'm feeling very broke, but still love food and dining out. anyone have any great restaurant suggestions that are inexpensive?
thanks in advance.

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  1. Vietnamese food. A banh mi sandwich and lemonade at Pho Tau Bay or Jasmine Deli will run about $5 or $6. And you can't beat the atmosphere for romance (I'm serious, but that's just me).

    For fancy Vietnamese food, head to St. Paul's Ngon Restaurant - it's more like $15-$30 per person (depending on what you order and whether you drink wine), but it's fabulous. And even normal people would find the place romantic - the decor is lovely.


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      We went to Quang last night for a "date." (Do married people have dates, or are they just being lazy when they go out?) We had 1 app, 2 entrees, and 2 drinks for $25.

    2. Bryant Lake Bowl has date night, dinner and bowling (including wine) which is a great deal.
      Do an early date and hit up a great happy hour. Saji-ya, Azia, Pop!!, Senor Wong's all have great deals on food and drinks....and if the date is going well you can retire early :)

      1. Broder's has a great date special, from Sunday through Thursday, after 8 pm. For $26, you get 1/2 bottle of house wine, bread, olives, 2 salads and choice of 2 pasta dishes. The pastas aren't their fanciest, but there's about 5 to choose from. Off the top of my head, I think the choices were: bolognese, mariana, puttanesca, carbonara, and al fredo. You can also upgrade the pastas with $2 sausage, $3 chicken, and $5 shrimp. We went last week and were really pleased with the quality of the food.

        Broders' Southside Pasta Bar
        5000 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

        1. Have you checked out this thread on the Cheap Fancypants Food challenge?

          1. What sort of budget are we talking about? For example, "I'd prefer to spend no more than ____, including tip." And are you focused on a certain geographical area?