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Nov 3, 2008 07:59 PM

Something like Urban Fare in Calgary?

I was wondering if there is a market similar to Urban Fare (I visited it in Vancouver) in Calgary. I'm a little tired of hitting up the Safeway to grab snacky foods and stuff. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to hit up some of the specialty stores in town.

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  1. I would think the closest thing in Calgary is Sunterra... Have you tried there?

    1. There is Sobeys Urban Fresh, which is a very similar concept. I shop fairly often at the downtown Edmonton location, and have visited the Calgary version too. The Calgary version is larger and has a slightly wider selection of produce.

      1-9919 Fairmount Drive SE
      (403) 271-2175‎

      1. Co-op Midtown Market is pretty boutique-y as supermarkets go (it also has superb pizza), but yeah I'd second chow_down and say that Sunterra is a similar experience- that is, their shops at Market Square and Britannia. We'll have something more similar to Urban Fare when the "urban market" Sobey's opens in Shops of Marda Loop as well as at the new Sunterra in the Keynote condos, but that's many months away still.

        1. scabbardgirl, you are staying in Calgary for training, if I recall correctly? I'll recommend the Calgary Farmers' Market again, only for your snacks this time!

          If you head up near the university (down TransCanada heading east and then up Shaganappi Trail heading north), there is a Planet Organic market which sells, well, organic foods and special-diet items. In the other direction (through Bowness to Nose Hill Drive north, then into Arbour Lake) there is a market called Amaranth which also sells organic foods.

          I'm not sure what the Asian foods scene is like in Utah, but I would also head to 16 Ave NW (also called TransCanada Highway) and Centre Street to check out the two Asian markets there (Lambda Supermarket and Tops inside the Central Landmark Mall) if you are interested in specialty foods of that sort. Stop by one of the Chinese bakeries as well if you're in the mood for sweets. If there are Asian markets where you live in Utah, though, these won't be that special or novel.

          Planet Organic Market
          4625 Varsity Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3A, CA

          Amaranth Whole Foods Market
          7 Arbour Lake Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3G, CA

          Lambda Oriental Foods Supermarket
          1423 Centre St NW, Calgary, AB T2E, CA

          Tops Supermarket
          1623 Centre Street NW #183, Calgary, AB , CA

          1. Fresh Kitchen in Marda Loop has lots of great dips, cheeses, meats, olives, chutneys, etc and of course fresh breads if that's the sort of thing you're looking for. It's a small shop though.

            I miss urban fare a lot - i shopped there everyday when i lived in vancouver.

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              Hey Pants.....I drive through Marda Loop every day and I can't recall where Fresh is? Can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks!!

              1. re: formerlyfingers

                it's off the main drag - 42 Ave SW and 20th St. right next to My Favorite Ice Cream Shop.

                1. re: pants

                  ff- technically it's not Marda Loop- 42nd Ave SW- I guess it'd just be Altadore.