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Nov 3, 2008 07:33 PM

Looking for opinions on Tilth

The menu's look good and I like the casual, homey decor but I haven't heard anything from anyone who's actually been there. Would love some opinions from people who have eaten there.


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  1. I love the place - The food is solid and the options to get small plates are great for sharing when you go with a group of people. Personally I love the duck burgers and usually get recommendations from the staff on what is good for any given night. The cheese plate is always a great experience also.

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      Loved it the first time we went, but went back about 5 months ago for one of their Monday night suppers and felt it had really gone downhill. The food was very mediocre and the service was terrible. There have been reviews on this site and they seem to be mixed.

    2. I really like Tilth. I've been twice and both times, I found myself days later talking to friends about an awesome dish that wowed me.

      1. Both times I went it was too noisy for us to have a pleasant dinner. And, I personally prefer less crowded tables which also added to it being uncomfortable for us. The food was good...but not great enough to want to go back and deal with the aforementioned.

        1. I went to a breakfast at Tilth and was dissapointed- It was just ok. Everything we ordered was dripping in oil and my mothers potatoes were burnt. Plus or waiter acted like we were not who he wanted to serve. I had been trying to ease my mom out of plain suburban food and was not successful.

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            I wasn't super impressed with Tilth. We went there for dinner. Some of te dishes were nicely presented but others weren't. Among the ones that weren't, was my chicken dish tasted like shake and bake chicken...but it's been over a year since I've been so things might have changed. I remember their dessert being good though.

          2. I went for the first time just last night and was seriously wowed by some of the dishes--very creative and delicious. Other dishes were all good. I was a little skeptical based on how seriously they take the local/seasonal thing--that is a great ethic but I didn't want to be bored with all the same stuff I am buying at the farmers market this fall--and they exceeded my expectations in this regard. It is pricey for the neighborhood (large plates in the high 20s) but given their emphasis on organic I guess that isn't surprising. Service was excellent. I would say at least try it once.

            Unlike one other poster I don't find the tables too crowded together.