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Nov 3, 2008 07:19 PM

Fresh beer on the LV strip?

We have tickets to a show on the strip (either at Caesar's or nearby, it's a surprise) - and I realized that I do not know of any micro-brew beer being served on the strip. Who's serving nice fresh micro-brew between the Tropicana and the Sahara? (My 'usual' is somewhere downtown, a bit too far for mid-Strip requirements; and Gordon Biersch on Paradise (?) can be a bit too 'sporty' for my crew). Suggestions? Many thanks...

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  1. Go a hair off the strip east to Koval just south of Flamingo, and there's the Ellis Island Casino, which brews their own beer. Stay and have dinner while you're there... The food there is middle of the road American restaurant fare, not normally something the domain of chowhounds. However, this is Vegas, and with Vegas comes the old-school tradition of dirt-cheap eats. The menu prices top out at 11 bucks for dinner. The thing to get is the off-the-menu steak special. 10 ounce top sirloin, baked potato, green beans, soup or salad, and a tall glass of their house-made beer for seven bucks.

    If you want to stay on the Strip, the Monte Carlo has its own brewery, but I haven't heard anything about it.

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      The Monte Carlo Brew Pub now longer brews its own beer.