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Nov 3, 2008 07:04 PM

Vancouver eating trip - recs needed

A group of folks who love to eat are coming from Seattle to Vancouver this weekend - the goal of the trip is to sample the fine fare of your fine city. We're looking for interesting places to eat, with fantastic food, at all points on the fancy spectrum. We need some recommendations for Saturday.

Last year, we hit 8 places in one day, to give you an idea of what we're after:

Shanghai River
Beard Papa
Chill Winston
Hapa Izakaya
Mondo Gelato
Bin 941

Places should be somewhat accessible to a party of 8 (so reservations or not-insane wait, which probably rules out Vij's... still on my to-try list...). Anything you can get in Seattle would be less interesting (so no sushi, for example). We eat a plate or two (or three) at each place, and yes, it is a marathon. But what an adventure!

Restaurants old or new... fancy or cheap... big or small... small plates or large... whatever you would recommend to folks coming by for one long day of eating.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Sounds like a party! Based on your list, I suggest:

    Irish Heather
    The Cascade
    Kingyo or Guu with Garlic (no reses at Guu, IIRC)
    Sea Harbour (Richmond)
    Thomas Haas (North Van - it might be a stretch for one day)
    Fuel or Gastropod or Boneta


    1. I'd suggest starting your day at Cafe Medina and add Salam Bombay and Blue Water Cafe to fmeds' excellent suggestions. Have fun....what a great thing to do! Since you'll be there on Saturday night with a good sized group you should probably have reservations for your prime time choices.

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        We've always enjoyed West and C. Tojo's was amazing, but falls into the sushi department. Last time in Vancouver we went to Fuel and Salt. Both were great in different ways.

        1. re: sueflay

          Based on these suggestions and an hour or two combing through the excellent posts on this board, here's a tentative schedule:

          Shanghai River
          Beard Papa
          La Cuisson for coffee
          Japadog or Go Fish
          Phnom Penh
          Zakkushi or Kingyo or other izakaya
          Cobre or Fuel
          +1 very late night stop - suggestion needed, probable arrival before midnight

          Questions: does anyone know opening hours for Phnom Penh on a Saturday? Last time I dropped by it was closed, iirc.

          This is just a draft, so we're totally open to changes. Nine stops is probably the max we can do (we only made 8 stops last time and finished after midnight).

          Tojo looked great but we have awesome sushi in Seattle. Salam Bombay also looked delicious - might make a good afternoon stop. West and C look phenomenal but I wasn't sure if we could bring a large group in for a somewhat quick stop.

          I also just found VanMag's 101 Things To Taste Before You Die... way too many choices now...

          Thanks so much for the suggestions!

          1. re: lucky.goldstar

            The list looks good. There are three Beard Papa's here now (the original one at Aberdeen and two other outlets - downtown on Denman and on Cambie and 12th.

            Phnom Penh's hours Mon-Thu 10am-9pm, Fri-Sun 10am-10pm (according to this website:


            Cobre could be your last stop. Or for drinks - perhaps George.

            1. re: fmed

              Thanks for all the suggestions. We had a great time and visited these 8 stops:

              Shanghai River - excellent XLB, beef in sesame pastry, green vegetables in tofu roll
              Beard Papa - cream puff perfection in Aberdeen Centre
              Japadog - excellent oroshi and terimayo dogs
              Phnom Penh - butter beef carpaccio was as memorable as ever - what a dish that is. Salt and pepper fried chicken wings with Tsingtao... wonderful. I'd drive up again just for these two dishes.
              Salt - highlights were the pate, cotechino, and foie gras
              Boneta - bison beef carpaccio, beef tartare
              Cobre - excellent duck tacos, wow! The only disappointment was the scallop ceviche; it was the worst dish of our trip, inedible to me.
              Zakkushi - daikon salad (refreshing), grilled pork-wrapped asparagus, grilled squid

              Thanks again for all the suggestions - can't wait to come up for another visit soon.

              1. re: lucky.goldstar

                Good work! Did you drive right back home directly after Zakkushi?

                1. re: fmed

                  After a day of epic eating, we could hardly walk, let alone drive anywhere. The group stuck around Vancouver for the night (thanks priceline!).

                  The next day, we hit Kirin (Richmond) for dim sum (everything good; I love their bbq pork in puff pastry, and their daan taat), and then Vij's Rangoli for dinner. Salt lassi, mango lassi... quite a lovely meal, nothing too heavy since we really didn't have that much of an appetite after Saturday.

                  Can't wait for the next trip! Thanks everyone for your planning help!

                  1. re: lucky.goldstar

                    I am so impressed by the epic-ness of your eating trip! Very envious... :)