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Nov 3, 2008 06:54 PM

Good Steak Hoboken and a Glass of Wine?

I'm visiting my nephew, a student at Stevens, on Wednesday November 5th. It will have to be an early dinner around 5pm. He is also bringing a couple of roomates-none old enough to drink. But I would certainly like to have a moderate glass of wine without dealing with the BYOB thing for a quick visit.

Any recs as to where to get a good steak dinner for under $25.00 in the vicinity? Somewhere with a decent atmosphere? I cannot tolerate the college hamburger/pizza/mexican/flat beer hangouts that most students do. Other cuisines, but not Italian are considered.

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  1. Dare I suggest Arthur's?

    The steaks aren't dry-aged, they are not Prime, and the selection of wines by the glass isn't all that great. But it's a fun place, it's quintessential Hoboken, and it's a great spot for adults to bring Stevens students. It's also within your budget.

    Court Street is much more staid, but classic Hoboken, and another spot that adults who want to step it up a bit have been bringing Stevens students for years.

    If I were 19 or 20 and going to Stevens I'd be very happy being taken to either of these places.

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      Thanks for the rec. We went to Arthur's on your advice and were very pleased. The steaks were very flavorful with a nice char and the portions were very ample. I really liked the unlimited half sour dills brought free of charge. The boys were full of braggadocio when they arrived. I told they could order anything on the menu but if they ordered the 48 oz steak and couldn't finish it, they would have to pay for their own meal. One by one they wilted from that idea and struggled to finish a steak half the size. Doggie bags were had by all for an after dinner -after calc study session late night snack.

      It was really fun and we would certainly do it again. Thanks again.

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        My pleasure. I always enjoyed my time at Arthur's. And a lot of time was spent there for sure. Glad you and the future engineers/scientists enjoyed it as well.