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Nov 3, 2008 05:29 PM

RangeCraft vent hood

Anyone have experience with this brand? We are looking for at least 1200 cfm for a 48" GE Monogram range (six 18,000 btu burners plus grill) and would like as slim a profile as possible, since this is directly in front of a window. I am drawn to RangeCraft because it's hard to find exactly what we need and they customize. Quality, though, of course is paramount.

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  1. My house had a RangeCraft hood enclosed in custom woodwork. It is on top of a 48" DCS range. The exhaust fan is a Belt Drive Centrifugal Upblast Fan which is not associated with RangeCraft. I don't know the specs of the hood or the fan. I have 3 issues with the hood. First is the hood isn't deep enough to draw all of the exhaust from the outer burners. I think this is a kitchen design problem not a RangeCraft problem. Second is the aluminum baffles feel flimsy and stain/oxidize. Third is if you need a baffle replaced, you have to send it back to RangeCraft for them to make a copy. Otherwise I'm satisfied and would get another.