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Nov 3, 2008 05:07 PM

Boyfriend's B-day Dinner Advice needed!

My boyfriend's bday is approaching yet again, and I need some advice on where to treat him for an impressive dinner. I dont want to go somewhere we have been together lately, so the following places are out:
North 44
Chez Victor
Globe bistro
Sotto Sotto (not that you would recommend it anyways)

I was considering Note Bene, or Colbourne Lane, but any other suggestions or thoughts would really be appreciated. Price is no object. We dont have a preference on cuisine, but he doesn't really like anything Indian or anything thats too heavily Asian influenced.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a romantic evening with fine food, I'd like to suggest Scaramouche, Canoe, Truffles or George ( no particular order ). Try getting a window seat at Scaramouche or Canoe, a wall booth at George and an inside table at Truffles. A tasting menu at any of the above captioned establishment will guarantee a nice evening for both of you. Nota Bene has very good food but I found it a bit too noisy for a romantic night-out. Colbourne Lane with Aprile's pseudo molecular tasting menu is a good choice but the ambience lacked the right elements for a romantic evening for two love-birds?!! Guess my posting is more confusing than advise!! Ha! Sorry!!

    1. Mr. Rab and I went to Colborne Lane for our birthdays last year (we're five days apart so we do the joint-birthday thing). While I agree with Charles Yu that CL is not entirely built-for-romance, I think it's a fun and intimate experience for food geeks because there's lots to share/chat about given the imaginative menu. If you do go to CL, I'd recommend asking not to be seated at the communal table. While CL is definitely more casual than Canoe, etc. I still think it has a more formal feel than Nota Bene, where I would go to snack/drink any old night (so I wouldn't put it in the super-special birthday category).

      If it were my birthday, I'd be very interested in Perigee... although (probably because) I haven't been there yet!

      1. I took the SO to Lucien just recently for the same occasion and it was really nice.

        1. How about something more casual? A seafood oriented place like Starfish or Rodney's. Get a bunch of oysters, some stout. Don't know about your boyfriend, but I know I'd love something like that.

          Alternatively, a brazilian churrasceria (sp?) where it's all you can eat meat on a sword, and not cheap stuff. There's Red Violin on Danforth. Not sure how good the place is, but could be all right. There's another place, I think, that does that.

          Or tapas at Torito? The ability to try many different dishes on your birthday is probably a good thing.

          In the romantic vein, Corner House is nice.

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          1. re: grandgourmand

            Sushi Kaji, The best sushi in the city.

            1. re: grandgourmand

              Love Rodney's. Best atmosphere in the city, from my experience. Just a great ol' place to relax and enjoy the great bivalves. My most recent visit was a bit stagnant, but before that, the friendly service could not be beat.

              I love Nota Bene. Good solid food, great service. A touch loud if there are large groups near you (my most recent table unfortunately being one of the offenders), but if you're off on the side with only small tables, it can be quite intimate.


              1. re: BokChoi

                Nota Bene was so loud when we were there that we couldn't carry on a conversation.
                Sushi Kaji is a beautiful, long evening.
                I still like George, Celestin, and Zucca.
                Good service, and places where you can speak softly, and never feel rushed.
                George can occasionally be louder than the others, but nothing like our dreadful experience at Nota Bene, where we could actually feel a vibration from the noise.

                1. re: erly

                  erly, larger groups do detract from the romantic atmosphere. Luckily, I don't often dine in large groups so hopefully it doesn't upset too many patrons. I've done my duty to introduce NB to coworkers, and hopefully they'll be dining there (alone) from now on. Large tables do tend to force people (especially obnoxious ones - we had one at our table that I doubt I will be dining with in public ever again - I'm quite embarrassed to be even associated with them right now) to project their voices. I've had a great time each of my visits there, and did not find the noise unbearable. Sorry to hear that your experience was so poor.