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Nov 3, 2008 04:50 PM

Visit the Chocolate Lady-in Oyster Bay--A great addition to town

Support this shop when in OBay. The owner Lee, is a chocolatier with recipes passed to her from her Grandmother who was also. She's a sweetheart.

A delight and a real throwback. Don't miss the "blank" in a cup! A small cup of divine, rich, warm chocolate. Wonderful, artisenal chocolate made right on the premises, and gifts, etc.

Right across the street from Canterbury Ale's on Audrey Ave.

This is a special place.

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  1. Found their web site:
    They *really* need to fix it--it's amateurish at best. Look at the "Products" section; could that be less informative?

    They could have really good products, but the web site sure doesn't sell them. For example, here's one particular listing:
    "Dipped; licorice- gummies bears, worms, sticks red, brown, multicolor,"

    does that make any sense?

    Look at Azure Chocolat ("e" intentially left off):
    They've been promising a "full" site for the longest time, but even in its abbreviated form, it's better. I don't like PDF menus (I think it's bad form to have people download basic content), but, boy, it's much more mouth-watering than Chocolate Lady's site.

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    1. re: Scott_R

      Chowhound is a web site devoted to chow and the pursuit of it, not to web sites.

      I don't really care about the web site, I was encouraging people to visit Lee's adorable shop and sample her delicious chocolates, etc.

      One of the problems on LI is that people are too focused on chains to the exclusion (and demise) of small businesses that NEED our support, obviously now more than ever. When I find a small business that I think is worthy of support I mention it. It's not a competition and I'm sure the other store you mention is lovely as well.

      As far as the web site, frankly, I don't think a small, artisenal chocolate shop needs to focus on her web site. The only way this business will make it, is with walk in traffic, so walk in people!

      1. re: JGS

        I never go to chain restaurants, but if my attention is pointed to a business and I look into it, it's then that business's turn to make or break the sale. If a potential customer looks over a web site that it utterly uninteresting, that inevitably is reflected in a perception of the business's products.

        My point was not to direct people to the other store; some time ago, I was looking for a place for good chocolates on LI and I stumbled upon them online, and what I saw on the site was enough to get me to make the 50 mile round trip there (OK, I coupled it with visits in the general area). Your post interested me enough that I looked up the place--but it's again more than a short trip for me. When I looked at their site for something to further catch my interest, it wasn't there. Worse, the site was a bit of a turn-off.

        I mean, come on. My point wasn't the amateurishness of the site as a web design criticism, it was that I saw nothing attractive there that made me want to visit. When I looked over Azure's offerings, I saw "A dark chocolate truffle infused with cardamon, espresso, sesame tahini & rum, hand rolled in a milk & white chocolate blend & topped with dark brown sugar" and "a dark chocolate truffle infused with fresh sage & swirled with a creamy pear caramel, hand rolled in dark chocolate & topped with ground almonds, brown sugar & sage" (I like dark chocolate). Or "a layer of fresh vanilla rose marshmallow & chocolate ganache sandwiched between two cinnamon honey grahams, smothered in Belgian milk or dark chocolate, left plain or topped with walnuts, pecans & grey sea salt"
        I was there literally the next day based on those descriptions.

        A typical listing on Chocolate Lady's site is "Chocolate Bars, Wedding favors, custom wedding favors, wedding and Corporate gift baskets, truffles, wedding reception chocolates." I'm sorry, but it just doesn't grab me. Where's the thing you mentioned, the blank in a cup? I'm not even quite sure what it is, but the site isn't helping. The web site puts me in mind of those places that do the fundraising stuff for schools and scout troops. I get no sense of it being an artisanal shop.

    2. ANYWAY, I agree with JGS that Lee Perrotta and her Chocolate Lady Boutique are truly special and worthy of a visit. The offerings are not just marshmallows or truffles but unique and distinctive creations spurred by Lee's travels and unique perspective when it comes to chocolate. There's lots of fun chocolate, serious chocolate (like that made with a bit of chili powder), dark, milk and white, chocolate-dipped fruit and themed-chocolate -- the list goes on. If you're anywhere near Oyster Bay, go! It's a delightful and fun place.