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Nov 3, 2008 04:19 PM

Saffron - I need your best recipe!

I was just given a large amount of Saffron by my parents who were in Tunisia where it is abundant. I really look forward to cooking with it, but aside from flavoring rice, I am not sure what to do with it. I would be very happy to get some recipe ideas - especially if you love and cook with Saffron. All ideas welcome. Thanks Chowhounders!

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  1. I have been making French Butter Cookies and added crushed saffron threads and scraped a vanilla bean into the batter. MMM Yum.

    I can give you a link to the Butter Cookie recipe if you are interested.

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      I would be very inteerested to have the recipe. Thanks!

    2. Infuse some threads into boiling water prior to making up cous-cous. When cooled and fluffed up fold in: cubed feta, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil. This makes a wonderful cold side dish. Actually I've just started using deli-counter tubs of sun-dried toms and grilled or roasted peppers stirred into cous-cous with their juices and some feta. It's lovely.

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        Sounds delicious. I will try that. Thanks!

      2. Lots of great suggestions here, too:

        Edit - also - You might just want to make some saffron rice with it and see how it is. My husband brought me a huge box of saffron from Egypt, and I ended up throwing it out, as it wasn't really saffron.

        1. Basic risotto (I use Marcella Hazan's recipe) calls for saffron, and it is fabulous!

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            I second a basic risotto (let the saffron 'bloom' in the preferably homemade-stock) if you want to get crazy, some butter poached shrimp/lobster/langostines on top too (which you can make some quick stock from

          2. it's not a recipe, but i really enjoy saffron yogurt. i just let grind up some saffron (a few threads) into a little milk or water to release the flavor and color. then i just mix that into some good yogurt along with sugar to taste. it's tasty!

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              I do that too. Similarly- when I'm feeling like making the effort I also make a saffron pudding (just substitute saffron for vanilla in a vanilla pudding recipe). If you really want to take it another step further just substitute coconut milk for the regular milk in the pudding (saffron/coconut pudding). It's awesome with some shaved chocolate on top.

              You can also add it to kheer (be it made of rice, vermicelli or tapioca).

              Yeah- I have a lot of saffron on my hands too ;)