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Nov 3, 2008 03:53 PM

Jive Turkey in Clinton Hill: Reviews?

My father saw this place featured on the Travel Channel and has been obsessed with getting a fried turkey from them ever since. I think the only reason he has agreed to come up for Thanksgiving is to get one. I don't eat turkey, but my guests will, so I'm happy to order up a (pretty expensive) fried turkey from Jive Turkey if it will be awesome. But the mostly negative reviews of this place on yelp.com and other sites have me scared. Any 'hounders care to weigh in? Thanks!

Jive Turkey
441 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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  1. The whole fried turkeys are fine, but pricey (see following paren) and flavorwise just above-average (nothing beats a true smoked turkey for my money, and you could probably get a low end smoker plus bird for about the cost of one of these babies). The various flavorings are a mixed bag--I bought a couple of small samples to try them out and can't honestly remember if any of them made much of a difference. The Bourbon Sauce they supply, on the other hand, must be an acquired taste--as I failed to see why you would do such a thing to a nicely cooked turkey. Never had a problem with courtesy but yeah, it is disorganized and you want to plan your thanksgiving with care since this is their annual perfect storm day. On balance, if you want to please your dad and don't mind taking a risk, you'll be happy. But if you have a back yard and are up for the drill, I'd recommend that you consider that smoker (there are also mail order TurDuckEn, but I haven't et 'em)

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      Thanks for your reply, jmj. I guess I should just get one so my dad can get it out of his system!

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        youve searched the site via the google link right, and seen what people have said in the past? dont think there were any posts last year, but some experiences from prior years were doozies.

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          Oooh, crazy. I did search this board before I posted, but nothing came up. Now when I use the search bar on the right, I am seeing the older posts. Thank you, Jen.

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          And throw a ham in the oven, just in case.

      2. Hi,
        This place was also featured In Oprah's magazine. Much to my chagrin I've had it twice and wouldn't go back a third. I never had one of their whole fried turkeys but their sandwiches and cut platters were very dry. The stuffing was mediocre. I just felt overall things were very dry. I wouldn't bother despite the fact that the place looks decent and the menu seems good.

        If you want something different in the area there is a GREAT chicken and waffles spot right off of clinton and myrtle called Little House on Clinton. Never had chicken and waffles but tried it there and loved it.

        If you are in the mood for some soul food the Five Spot Supper Club on Myrtle (before Vanderbilt) has decent stuff and their attached bar is actually very nice. I went to the bar and got some apps- their cat fish was pretty good! I would go back.

        Maggie Browns over there on Myrtle is also a staple.

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          1. I haven't been to Jive Turkey, but Little House on Clinton at Myrtle is a favorite of mine. Super friendly family-run spot for chicken and waffles and all your soul food cravings. The sweet tea s really good, but intense; one cup could make two with a little water added. Closes early sometimes so be careful

            1. I ordered a whole fried turkey online from Jive Turkey. After reading about how it received "rave reviews" from various places. It was supposed to be super-juicy, with crispy skin etc. So my expectations were pretty high up there. Maybe that's why the turkey was a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but nothing to write home about. First, I followed the heating instructions for a really hot result, and somehow it was just warm when it came out (I did completely defrost it before heating). Second, the bag that it was supposed to be heated in was ripped when I took the bird out. And it must be for that reason that the bag never expanded during the heating process, which was supposed to re-crisp the skin. third, the bird wasn't cooked all the way through. There was plenty of pink meat in the thighs. So although overall it tasted nice, and the souce it came with (Vidalia Onion flavor) was tasty, I wasn't impressed. Especially for the price paid. Definitely will not order again...