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Nov 3, 2008 03:39 PM

No more Kosher Hebrew National Hot Dogs at L.A. Costco food court

I dropped into Costco in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles today (this location has a large number of Jewish customers/products) and noticed something looked different - all the red Hebrew National umbrellas that adorned all the tables in the food court were gone. After shopping, I stopped for the $1.50 hot dog special and saw that the dog is now a Kirkland Brand 100% beef dog. The graphic on the sign has changed and any mention of Hebrew National or a kosher dog is now history.

Costco has been serving Hebrew National as long as I can remember. Anyone have any information as to why they changed, what happened, etc?


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  1. I would assume that they make more money when they use their own brand hot dogs. Could be as simple as this.

    1. It most likely a market driven strategy. Probably the LA market didn't have a strong kosher interest and they make more margin with their own brand without hurting the volumen.
      The Costco bakery near Brooklyn Heights has dozens of products OU and OU-D
      Without getting in observancy issues, Hebrew National leaves a large number of empty holes. Meaning, many groups that keep kosher, do not use Hebrew National

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        While I'm sure it's a budgetary/profit issue, I would think that plenty of people prefer Hebrew National brand to non-Heb Nats - whether for kosher (yes people find Heb Nat reliable over non-kosher brands), taste, or the fact that they "answer to a higher authority."

        Non-orthodox people who buy kosher greatly outnumber orthodox consumers. By a lot.

        1. re: craigcep

          People may "prefer" Hebrew National, question is will they not buy the Kirkland brand hot dogs (kosher issues asside) now.

      2. I went there today, and yes, no more Kosher hot dogs. I am saddened, because it had been one of my favorite things to do: shop at Costco and get the $1.50 Hebrew National Hot Dog (with all the fixin's, including sauer kraut, deli mustard, relish...)and a drink. Now, maybe the Kirkland hot dog (all beef, I am told) is good, but it's not Kosher. I'll eat elsewhere.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Hebrew National parent corp Sara Lee announced as of January 2009 it was exiting the kosher market. So, Hebrew National, Sinai 48 and another one or two lines they handled are done. Hebrew National has been gone from Cleveland warehouses for months and everytime I am in there, very few people are eating. It always was packed.
            Sara Lee based in Chicago, so check out Chicago Tribune and other Chicago media for more details. It's also why you may see new/other kosher products appear on shelves at grocery stores.

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            1. re: bja

              I thought Hebrew National was owned by ConAgra, while Sara Lee owned Sinai.

              1. re: mrfood16

                Yes, the bottom of Hebrew National's homepage says 'Con Agra Foods' in large letters.

                1. re: GilaB

                  Costco's rolls have become inferior over time, so none of the el cheapo tasty lunches there are as good as they used to be. Even for those who consider Hebrew National acceptable, for sure they aren't cooked on Kosher grille, etc.

                  But, as a non-observant person, I do prefer the flavor of Hebrew National over other non-Kisher brands. Costco is into saving money; no doubt about that. But, they weren't making money on that $1.50 special anyway, so I guess they decided to lose even less. Shortsighted.

                  1. re: Bashful3

                    jfood ordered a dog in Minneapolis last week. Two bites and onto the center console of the car and in the garbage.

                    They were not HN and the roll was pathetic. Oh boy

                  2. re: GilaB

                    I just bought 2 packages of Hebrew National last week, Will check the package in my freezer. Hope they dont stop selling the product.

                    1. re: classylady

                      jfood thinks the discussion is about the deli as you leave versus the fridge section. You can buy a dog and soda for $1.50