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Nov 3, 2008 03:35 PM

Calgary - Rouge or Capo

New to Calgary and am looking for a good restaurant in Inglewood for my husband's birthday dinner next week (will just be the two of us). Thought we could grab dessert at Nectar afterwards.

Any thoughts on Rouge or Capo?

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  1. I know I may be going against the crowd here, but I would heartily recommend Rouge over Capo. Although it could very well be that we caught Capo on a bad night, I have to say that I found the food to be ranging from unexceptional to poor. Very unfortunate because I would have loved to love it. Recently went to Rouge for a birthday dinner and I was quite impressed- very very good food, great service, my new favourite.

    1. The best meal I had at Capo was better than the meal I had at Rouge, but over the three times I have tried Capo the food got more and more salty and went downhill overall. The last time I ate there the chippino was so salty that it was inedible.

      1. Have you considered Sugo? I've never eaten there but have heard good things.

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          I would recommend Sugo, as I had a great experience there a few weeks back for my GF's birthday. Both the food and service was outstanding.

        2. Although it is not in Inglewood I would choose Chef's Table over Rouge or Capo for a special occasion dinner.

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            Rouge in the summer in the garden is hard to beat. I love Sugo too. We've always been treatd so well at lunch, must try for dinner one day.....

          2. The food at Rouge is excellent, maybe slighter better than Capo. If you are looking for a romantic b-day celebration, I find the ambiance at Rouge to be more intimate. Capo is more of a "scene" atmosphere.