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Nov 3, 2008 03:20 PM

Ice Cream

Does anyone know where I can get a couple of boxes of the ice cream that the ice cream cars sell?

I am specifically looking for the pink panther popsicles and want to buy like one or two boxes for a friends birthday. I have seen a place in northridge that all the ice cream trucks park, but not sure if a normal person can go there and buy stuff.

If anyone knows a place close to the valley, that would be great.

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  1. contact these guys...they are the suppliers it seems

    1. here's a list of distributors for LA, that you can call and see what's they got for ya:

      might also check avalon ice cream supply

      and arya ice cream supply

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        Wooo!!! I found the place that ive driven by, when going to Brent's Deli. They said they are open to the public without a license and sell Pink Panther ice cream by the box. Thanks for everyones help.

        Northridge Ice Cream Inc
        (818) 998-2934
        19105 Parthenia St
        Northridge, CA 9132