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Nov 3, 2008 02:11 PM

Medicine Hat rec's?

I tried using the search function but wasn't able to comme up with much. I'll be going to medicine Hat and was just wondering if there is anything worth checking out. It doesn't matter what kind of food as long as it's good.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I"m new to Alberta but have had some decent luck in Medicine Hat. I've had creative homemade soups (beet soup with dilly sour cream) and salads (greens with watermelon and toasted pine nuts) at Zucchini Blossom (which has a few shelves of gourmet foodstuffs for sale). They do quiche and paninis. Low-key. Order at the counter and they bring to your table. The Brier Park Diner in the NW end has character - also sweet potato fries. There are 3 independently owned branches of Samir's Donair - I had a surprisingly good falafel here ( There are 3 vietnamese spots and at least one sushi place that I haven't tried yet and I eyeballed another spot called Cafe Caprice. Anyone else from the Hat able to weigh in?

    1. Just remembered two more - Weenie is newish and just steps off the main street of downtown ( ). It's tiny and takeout and the dogs are pretty good - they also bring in MacKay's ice cream from cochrane (I had Saskatoon berry ice cream/possible called Alberta berry). Weenie's sister resto is 2 minutes away and is the Red Brick Diner at 635 3rd Street for burgers with "gourmet" toppings - I liked the vibe, but it's a tad overpriced. Gluttonous portion of fries. Lots of people doing the all-day breakfast. Can't find a website but the Medicine Hat News profiled it.

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        Does Red Brick not exist anymore? Because we went by and it was closed, with no sign of it opening anytime soon.

      2. GirlRancher mentions a number of good destinations, but I would add the Roastery downtown on 3rd St across from the Tim Hortons. Pretty decent coffee selection all roasted in house. For dinner the Hat has plenty of chains, but if you are looking for something a little more original try out Devine (downtown on 3rd St). Probably the most ambitious menu in the city ( ). Tumbleweeds is also pretty good.

        1. I second Devine, I think it's by far the best restaurant in MH. The thai coriander soup is fanastic and the menu is seasonal. Zucchini Blossom has excellent lunch, and Roastery offers the best coffee in town. The restaurant at Desert Blume golf course is also a solid choice, although it is a few minutes outside of town. Cafe Caprice was mediocre but apparently it's now under new owners.

          1. After living in the Hat for a bit this year, I'd have to agree with most things said. I would stop in for a cup of coffee downtown, before you stop in at Divine for supper (or lunch). Sushi in town is pretty decent, although nothing you are going to write home about. Being a big fan of straight sashimi or nigiri, I find the size of their portions quite massive at times. I have not been impressed at all by the vietnamese restaurants in town. Thai Orchid is a solid option if you like Thai (it's behind Wal-Mart). There is a Mongoli style grill across from the mall, an assortment of pubs (Days Off is a decent bar/pub for food) and like mentioned quite a few chain restaurants. If you want to step back in time, the Beefeater is a steak house that will bring you back (I've never been impressed for the price you pay) plus you have to pay extra for the old school salad bar.

            Either way, with everyone posting, that just about wraps up the places to eat.

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              A new restaurant in MH called 502 South is worth checking out. It is on 502 South Railway Street. Just park at Fountain Tire and walk over. Decor reminds me of Chicago and NYC (low profile deep seated couch). Town is short of people so service can be slow but the chef Chris Matthews can cook.
              I like Thai Orchid as well.
              I found the downtown Vietnamese food is less salty.
              Beefeater is OK.
              Zucchini Blossom or Brier Park Diner are good for lunch.
              Chinese Fried Rice - the Hat Restaurant is good but their other Chinese food is only so so.