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Nov 3, 2008 02:04 PM

Kolbeh of Kabob is open!!!

I drove by today and they have finally reopened after last years fire. So excited!! Same menu but new phone number 617 876 9400. Getting take out tonight.

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  1. We went there last weekend and ordered mirza ghasemi (eggplant, tomato, garlic dish), kashk-e-badamjan (smokey eggplant puree), beef sultani (one skewer of ground beef and one skewer of sirlion), kubideh kabob (ground lamb/beef skewers), jujeh kakob (chicken breast and thigh skewers), kolbeh salad (i think that was the name),and tahdig.
    They also gave us some hummus before we ordered!
    The hummus was solid, the mirza ghasemi had too much tomato paste for my liking, the kashk-e-bademjan was pretty good. it had a nice smokey flavor that was nicely accented with dried mint. The salad was much larger than I had expected, and it was fresh and delicious. The sirloin was a little bland, and not as juicy as it could have been. The kubideh was pretty tasty. The best kabob for me was the chicken. It was flavorful, juicy and a beautiful saffron color. Be sure to order the rice with the berberries if you like a little tartness with your food.
    I would skip the tahdig.
    Unfortunately, the ovens were not ready for the fresh bread, so we'll definitely be back for that!
    They were very friendly and kind, so I wish them lots of luck. I am happy there is an Iranian restaurant in our area now.

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      Checked in Sunday night as well
      Nice place, v e r y nice people & reasonable to excellent Persian food:
      Excellent Chello (Persian style basmati & savory variations )
      which make all the dishes quite satisfying and filling.
      A very good kubideh.
      Excellent Shirazi salad (cuke tomato mint lemon etc.)
      Though N.C.'s assessment of their premier kabob (sirloin) is right
      it's quite bland, & though tender, needs to be reworked.
      Saw one of the chicken kabobs and it did look excellent.

      While not bargain priced,
      this is a deceptively difficult act to do right.
      If you haven't tried Persian food,
      this is would be a fine & way more laid back intro to the genre
      than say La La Rokh on beacon hill.

      A year and a half after the fire
      It's great, (and a bit of a surprise), to have them back
      They have put a great deal of time & effort into the place
      The evening we were there both owners were manning the grills.
      They obviously care a great deal about what they are producing.
      And it shows.

      The dude
      (Ab goosht variety)

      1. re: cheesehead in recovery

        it's on the corner of highland avenue and cambridge street ,across from cambridge hospital.

        thrilled that kolbeh is back-- we missed them!

        1. re: littlelady

          Woo-hoo! So glad they're back!! I've missed them; will make a point of going there soon!