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Nov 3, 2008 01:57 PM

Miyabi Sushi/Japanese (and others), in Amity area, Woodbridge, CT

Saw this little place tucked into a corner of an out of the way area in the "Amity" part of Woodbridge (just after you pass under 15/Wilbur Cross Highway going up 63), from New Haven. It's in a small business area to the west of the light at Lucy Street.There is another Miyabi in Wallingford.

Has anyone been there? There is Akasaka in this immediate area, which seems weird. What is going on that there are two Japanese places and a Chinese place (Tokyo), all within a quarter mile of each other? I haven't been to any of them I use to like Golden Seafood, just down Whalley a bit, but it closed.

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  1. I have never been to Miyabi, It did repalce another very short lived sushi bar in the same spot. Akasaka is pretty good, I walked into Tokyo and out just as quickly.
    I do like Daiko on Rt 34

    1. They are still in business. I got a flyer in the mail from them yesterday. Anyone been? I just can't imagine this small place, tucked back in a corner, unseen and unknown to anyone, can have good sushi...