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Nov 3, 2008 01:46 PM

California Wine Party

I'm obsessed with their $5 bottles of Franc Merlot and my friendly TJ's has sold their last bottle. Anyone know of an online retailer? Google is failing me.

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  1. Many of Trader Joe's really low-end wines (say, $5 and under) are EXCLUSIVE to Trader Joe's . . .

    Is the name of the wine really "Franc Merlot," or is the "Franc" like "Cabernet Franc"?

    1. Think you might be out of luck. The wine was made by Central Coast Wine Warehouse which I can not find on this vast internet. Maybe visit a few more Trader Joe's. I bought another case last week...

      1. The Alameda store had several bottles left last night if I remember correctly.
        Go to the website, get the numbers for the stores in your area and call them.
        Ask them if you can still special order a case or if they can put a few botltes aside for you,
        then get yourself on over there.

        A vast number of wines with limited availabilty come through TJ's all the time. So if you ever see "Hustle Buy" in the Fearless Flyer or on the shelf of a wine you like, stock up before its gone.
        The stores really don't keep most wines that long, so if you truly love it,
        I suggest you be proactive and check in the the office every now and again to insure your supply line. Also, keep an eye out for signs. If the sign isn't on the shelf anymore, there's a good possibility that it's gone, but always ask to make sure.

        BTW, some stores even have wine teams who check out incoming wines and educate the Crew Members about making recommendations, etc. (I'm hoping to form a team at my store) My Captain is really into wine as well and she said there's some really good stuff coming up soon, so keep a look out.

        Also remember that each store's ordering habits are different, so what you find in one neighborhood might not be at the next store because of demographics, etc.

        I hope this helps. Good Luck!