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Nov 3, 2008 01:40 PM

Food Network Magazine

Today I received a copy of the new Food Network Magazine November/December issue (1st issue ever) and wanted to share my thoughts and see what everyone else thinks of it. There are 128 recipes in this magazine. I really like the recipe index it has- broken down by catagory such as sides, desserts, meat and poultry, ect. and includes pictures of each recipe. I am excited to try the recipe for mashed potatos with rutabaga and lemon. They look amazing! This issue has recipes from 24 different Food Network celebs varying from Masahura Morimoto to Duff Goldman........sorry for you RR hater's but she was in there. Some of the features in this issue were Thanksgiving sides, holiday gift guides for food lover's, christmas cookies. I enjoyed the On the Road drink section which features great drinks from around the country. I know that ther will be some people that hate this magazine because it has Rachael, Sandra and Guy but it seems that the chef's be varied from issue to issue. There are also some recipes that look great and I like that I don't have to cut pages out of 20 different magazines just to get a few good recipes. This has them all in one place. So what do you guys think of the first issue??

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  1. I actually kinda liked it. Considering Food Network has moved away from straight-forward cooking shows, it was nice to see how many recipes they opted to include. Now, I have not TRIED any of the recipes yet, so I cannot comment on their quality.

    1. Is it subscription only or can you pick up one at a newsstand/bookstore?

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      1. re: JohnE O

        I was in Border's today and did see them there.

        1. re: phimoez

          Shh. Don't tell anybody, but I thought it was very informative and entertaining.

      2. I picked up the first issue at least a couple weeks ago at my local CVS. I really liked everything about it, and will likely subscribe.

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        1. re: mdepsmom

          I can't help but think that this would be just another vehicle to promote their wares and shows, (I already get regular e-mails form them wanting me to buy their RR crap, oops, stuff) but I will reserve comment until I see the first edition. Has it been turning up in supermarkets anywhere?

          1. re: Cheflambo

            I saw it at my local (AZ) Safeway last weekend.

        2. I love the index, with a color photo of each recipe. Very appealing, very user-friendly. When the mag hit newstands, I wrote about it on my blog (I'm a newspaper food editor), and posted the cover recipe, Tyler Florence's pumpkin pie:

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            I agree with both of you, cheflambo and judith. They are hawking their wares yes, but if you want a mag with no advertising or editorial slant you'll have to write it yourself. the user-friendly aspect is very welcome and I have been handing my copy around.