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Nov 3, 2008 12:55 PM

What's the story with The Table restaurant in St. Pete/Sarasota?

Seems like both the Table in St. Pete as well as the Table in Sarasota are both closed now. From what I had read, the manager of the restaurant in St. Pete was planning on reopening with the chef from the Sarasota restaurant, but I haven't heard any updates. Anyone know what's going on? The restaurant in St. Pete was great and always seemed crowded. It'd be a shame if it is closed for good.

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  1. They are closed following a dustup between the owners and the horrific robbery of the St. Pete location (thoughts and prayers still with the people hurt there.) Hopefully they will open again soon...if I can never have another blackberry caprihania and the world's best shortribs accompnied by monkey bread and wahoo tartare, life may not be worth living...

    1. I work at The Table, St. Pete.
      We had to close for 7 weeks because of a unexpected change of ownership, but fortunately we reopened this week!
      We are under new ownership but we were able to keep the same chef and staff, which means we are still serving the amazing ceviche cones, those addictive breads (and I can tell you they are addictive!) and all the number one selling dishes and appetizers, such as the Gaucho Steak, crab cakes and short rib spring rolls! PLUS some new inventions of chef Pedro Flores.
      The change of ownership of The Table had nothing to do with the robbery incident nor fight between owners, although that was such an unfortunate fact. This bad economy is affecting everyone!
      We all hope to see you all soon!
      The Table Staff
      727-823-MESA (6372)

      1. The new owners are Michael Stewart (of 717 South in Tampa) and the owners of the building the restaurant is in. Pedro Flores -- the better chef of the former two owners -- is in the kitchen. The menu is largely the same, but a little less expensive. They don't have a website yet, but I posted a full copy of the menu here --

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          Thank you all so much for your info on the Table.......
          We wish they were back in Sarasota also, but I see a For Lease sign in the window.

        2. SO, new "Table" in Sarasota at Phillipi Creek? Heard the dining room was beautiful -- what is the buzz on this? Apparently new in the last few weeks? RSVP!

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            Love to hear more about the new Table myself... Anyone????

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              Went the other night -- great spot! On Phillipi Creek, has outdoor dining with a firepit and indoors with a chic 50s vibe -- food quality was excellent, though a bit pricey. Noise level not high. This is a keeper. Will definitely go back.

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                THanks so much for the input! I have it at the top of our list!