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Nov 3, 2008 12:38 PM

Montgomeryville Trader Joe's in progress!

For the local TJ's fans, I was in English Village at the jewelry shop today, the TJs sign is up, and they are hiring. I could hear lots of construction noises from inside, so they are making progress towards opening. I cannot wait! it's going to be so much easier to get to.

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  1. Wow. /reads info on TJs on Chains forum. Hope they have decent hours.

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    1. re: givemecarbs

      i believe their standard hours are 9-9 7 days/week. yay for Nov 18 (below)!

      1. re: jujuthomas

        Not too shabby, thanks. I tried to go to Costco's about 7pm on saturday night. Keep forgetting they close at six on sat.

    2. Hooray! I wenr to English Village for an Ann Taylor run on Saturday and saw signs up that they are hiring too, I was so excited! I would just be awesome if they open before the holidays, they have the best cheese and apps for holiday parties. If not, I'm stuck making the trek out to Jenkintown!

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      1. re: AmblerGirl

        I was in the Trader Joe's in Jenkintown and asked about the new Montgomeryville store. It's supposed to open around November 18. Can't wait but it's going to be hard to park in English Village.

        1. re: Red Head

          /marks date on calender and crosses fingers!

        2. Opens Friday November 14. 9am Ribbon cutting ceremony.

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          1. re: cheesewit

            I hope they have lots of free samples! I've never been to a TJ's.

              1. re: cheesewit

                Aw man! I'm going to miss it... ok, so I'd still rather be on vacay, but I've never been to a TJs opening!

                1. re: jujuthomas

                  I am going to miss the opening too. But I am not passing up a week in Florida. I will hear all about it when I get home.

                  1. re: crazyspice

                    What part of Fla crazyspice? You are gonna post about your southern eating experiences right?

                    1. re: givemecarbs

                      The original plan and hopefully still is ~ 4 days in the Keys (Islamorada) and the rest of the week in Fort Lauderdale. I've been on the Florida board getting tons of recs.

                      We have a very sick dog. If he isn't doing well after the weekend, DH will stay home and I will just do the Keys part to visit my dad. It is beautiful there!

                      I will report back!

                2. re: cheesewit

                  Does anyone know of they have anything planned on friday for their grand opening? I am thinking of stopping by after work. I'm so excited.

                  1. re: AmblerGirl

                    How sick is this that we are planning our weekend around freaking food store opening. We all need to get lives !! (grin)

                    1. re: PattiCakes

                      We should start a tailgate in the parking lot :) It will be like a grateful dead concert but for foodies!

                      1. re: AmblerGirl

                        What time is everyone going? I thought it was opening next week while I am away.

                        1. re: crazyspice

                          Crazyspice, they must have heard that you were going away and decided to open early. :) Wear your dancing shoes! I wonder if they would give us hounds some sort of group deal. Like let us in early for a guided tour or something?

                            1. re: crazyspice

                              Be prepared for a long line outside. It's amazing how TJ's draws earlybirds to grand openings. I've been to 5. (I'm in the food industry and have been in charge of sales with a supplier to TJ's)

                              1. re: crazyspice

                                Be prepared for a long line. It's amazing how TJ's grand openings draw so many earlybirds. I've been to 5 and each one has been very busy (I'm in the food industry and have been in charge of sales with a supplier to TJ's).

                                1. re: crazyspice

                                  This is so exciting! John and I are stopping by but not until sixish pm. I might make an early run without him!

                                  1. re: givemecarbs

                                    This is a sickness, people! Tailgating? Meeting as a group for a TJ opening? First it was Assi Market, then Costco, now Trader Joe's. Where will it all end?? Hope you will be wearing nametags?

                                    You should really be organizing a tailgate with nothing but TJ food.

                                    1. re: PattiCakes

                                      Too Funny! I'll drive up 309 in the morning. If it is crazy there, I will skip the reunion. If I show up I will be the one with the rose in my teeth. ;-D

                                        1. re: cosmodog

                                          cosmodog - I'm with you - what's the big deal about a store opening. They're going to have the same goods 3 weeks for now. What's the need to rush in this weekend. I had the same feelings about Wegman's (which I love). I'd been to a number of Wegman's in NY when I was a traveling consultant. I knew what the store was about. I waited for the gawkers to get their fill and then I showed up - about a month after they opened. Same thing with PF Changs and CPK in Plymouth Meeting. I don't get the "Grand Opening" hype!

                                          1. re: bucksguy14

                                            It's all about the buzz, baby! You are right, though. I'd rather wait for the initial craziness to die down, as well as the to-be-expected staff/operations glitches. On the hypocrital side, however, if I didn't have to work today I'd probably mosey on over just to see if I could find some fellow ChowHounds. THAT could be fun.

                                            1. re: PattiCakes

                                              Come after work Patti! John and i gonna be there around sixish, he wants to pick up an app too but we can't stay long. Card tourney 2nite. Do they take checks at TJ?

                                              1. re: givemecarbs

                                                Don't know if they take checks, but they might take Russians....

                                                6ish might be good. Depends on what time I get outta Center City & if the trains are not SNAFU, as they were last night.

                                                1. re: PattiCakes

                                                  Well John is Irish so I'm outta luck he he. Leaving now to pick up Johnnie. Gnna bring a stuffed dog with me. Thought about howling constantly in the store to identify myself but decided not to. Maybe John will. Arrrooooooo!

                          1. re: AmblerGirl

                            Usually, the first 100 people in line each day of opening weekend get a Trader Joe's shopping bag made of recycled plastic bottles. Sampling of products goes on on opening day as well as the rest of the weekend. Sometimes, they hold a drawing for a bag of goodies.

                            1. re: cheesewit

                              I got a TJ bag as a "prize" at the Jenkintown store. I got "caught" dancing in the isles ala Elaine from Seinfeld. ;-D

                        2. OK, reporting back on the new TJ's. Its really nice, more spacious than the other TJs in the area (Jenkintown, Media, Valley Forge). All the usual items you'd expect at TJs. The staff was exceptionally nice, I was really impressed. Will I go back? Of course!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Last night was a bit crowded, as expected, but I was expecting alot more hoopla going on. They had a reggae guy playing music which was nice, but they only were giving out one sample (at least when I was there). I was kind of hoping for lots of free samples, contests or giveways, freebies. Regardless, I still wound up buying a full shopping cart of food. I love their cheese selection!!!!

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                          1. re: AmblerGirl

                            I went there with John. The reggae guy made things fun, and it was easier to wave my beanie babie daschund around without attracting too much attention. At one point my little stuffed doxie was dancing to the steel drum but alas did not attract any fellow chowhounds. I expected more samples too, at least you were allowed to get seconds. One hungry guy (not John) was on his fourth cherry bread stuffing. I did score a little sample of coffee too. I couldn't get John to howl, just because he was picking up a job application. He likes the idea of heading to work in a colorful shirt. We didn't have much time so I grabbed a cranberry walnut tart. The flavors were very intense and bright, counterbalanced by a nice buttery crust. It is certainly perfect if you want a small slice of something because a big slice would just be overwhelming. As I am a total TJs noob I would love to hear what is good to buy at this local TJs. Going to head over to Chains again for more suggestions.

                            1. re: givemecarbs

                              I got a whole cartful of goodies, but weant to recommend their peppermint cheesecake. I brought it to a "girls night" last night and it was so good. Peppermint cheesecake with crusked oreos on top. Here is the kicker - it was only $1.99 (not a typo). Delish. I also bought the frozen spinach and artichoke dip and served them it their mini whole wheat pitas and that was a huge hit with my friends.

                              I am right now drinking their gingerbread coffee that I bought on Friday and it is wonderful.

                              I am also a big fan of their wine infused salamis - chianti and pinot grigio.

                              Their tri-tip sirloin is also really good, and you cannot get that cut at lots of places.

                              I'm also a big fan of their sesame oil, truffle oil, sesame crackers and eggplant dip. They are all staples in my pantry.

                              And don't get me started on their cheese selection - I got some of their stoppofortshire (spelling?) blue on Friday and its so yummy.

                              1. re: AmblerGirl

                                was there yesterday with Mrs. Starving and we had a blast. She's a Veg so there was plenty for her to eww and ahh at. Never saw so many happy workers, what a pleasure shopping there. I made a day of it, eating at Iron Hill Brewery, little pricey but very good quality, then across the street to Whole Foods which is also a great spot for shopping.

                                1. re: IamStarving

                                  Did they have the reggae guy playing Iam? That certainly makes it festive! Well it is sunday night and I only managed three trips there so far. Sniff. I went to Costco and then TJ for a crazy marathon. When I got home I was kinda dazed and still hungry. :) I got to Costco late and only got cheese samples. They were amazing. TJs still just offered the stuffing and coffee for samples but over by the bakery there was an open bag of some sort of yummy nan bread just on top of some merchandise on an end-cap. A couple of slices were spread out enticingly. If I understand my TJ's culture, it was okay to help myself to a slice I hope. Because I did and it was quite tasty. I had bought my own TJ's bag by now, the big insulated one for only 1.99 so when I paid for my stuff they entered me in a drawing for free because I brought my own bag. /crosses fingers. I told them when they asked that I found everything just fine except fellow chowhounds. I also mentioned that the expectation was for more free samples as it seemed like they only had the stuffing all weekend. Shrug. So i was starving and I pan fried up a tJs premium black angus ny strip. It was soo good. I noticed the sell by date was 11-25 and I was wondering if the steak would have kept that long in my fridge?

                          2. we went by yesterday afternoon to pick up a few things - the parking lot was nuts and the lines were awful! We actually only got 3 or so things because we still had to hit giant and do lots of post-vacay laundry. But the staff was really nice and they were playing some plinko-type game where if your order rang up to an even dollar amount you got to drop a chip down this peg board. the second person we saw do it won anything she wanted in the store. she was stunned - I would be too! anyway, stock of some things was a little low but I got my steel cut oats and some pasta arrabiata.

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                            1. re: jujuthomas

                              juju I was wondering what that game was about! Made up some of the vegetable biryani I got there and tossed in some of their frozen shrimp. I was very pleased with the whole cost effort taste ratio for my meal. The curry was a bit too sweet to suit me perfectly and my friend only wanted a taste because he doesn't like any kind of peppers but for that price and that convenience I'm glad I have more in my freezer. Next time I'll try the biryani with chicken.

                              1. re: givemecarbs

                                Well, we went over to TJ's this afternoon. The parking lot was so full, I had to drive around looking for a space. The store was not completely mobbed, but there were lots of folks in there. I think it is a very nice store. I am not one for frozen foods, but we picked up a number of things for Thanksgiving that won't be a problem because of being frozen. I think it will be a great compliment to Whole Foods. They did not have ground chicken, but I picked up some ground turkey for Eddie's "special" food. I for one will be happy if we can get all the dogs eating the same food again! There weren't many samples being offered, but we were told about the drawing when you bring your own bags in. I bought another one today.

                                1. re: crazyspice

                                  The other shops are probably being helped by TJs. Thinking about stopping there for some pie or cake tonight. I used to think of WF as my neighborhood bakery but TJs might replace them for that. Must do more research!!!

                                  1. re: givemecarbs

                                    I think WF has a great bakery. But, if Wegman's was closer I would use their bakery.

                                    Research is a good thing! ;-)

                                    1. re: crazyspice

                                      Oh my, Wegman's! The one in warrington is open 24 hours. Greatest late night munchie run ever. I don't do it often but once in a great while when I can't sleep and I have not much to nibble on that place has so got me covered. Once last summer around two am I got two slices of cheesecake, an apple pie, a sirloin strip steak and some sesame chicken from the prepared food section. I was going to get a shrimp cocktail but I managed to restrain myself. :)

                                  2. re: crazyspice

                                    Does anyone have a clue when the Fresh Foods (I think that's what it's called) is opening in the Lowes/Sam's Club shopping center on Welsh Road? I am not familiar with the chain. Enlighten me.

                                      1. re: crazyspice

                                        Beats me. My sis told me & she's not exactly Ms. Reliable. It is "Fresh Something".

                                      2. re: PattiCakes

                                        I just checked. It is a Fresh Market! VERY exciting. I have been to the one in Lehigh Valley a number of times. Love that store. It is a cross between Whole Foods and a main stream market. You made my day brining this up!!