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Nov 3, 2008 12:05 PM

Birmingham Dinner on a Sunday Night?

Who has the best food and is open on Sunday night? Frank Stitt's spots and Hot & Hot are all closed.


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    1. I think you might be stuck with chains. McCormick and Schmick's and Plaza III are open on Sunday until 9pm. Both at Brookwood Village mall. The Tavern on the Summit is also open until 10pm. Most independent restaurants are closed on Sundays (except some serve brunch) and Mondays.

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        I agree with bovinekid that Fire is pretty good (but certainly not on the level of Frank Stitt's places, if that is what you are looking for). Other independent restaurants open on Sunday nights are:

        Jinsei (sushi)
        Surin (Thai)
        Chez Lulu

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          This thread came up a while back.

          While not higher end, I like Red Pearl on Sundays. I always forget it's closed Mondays but if I make it out there on a Sunday I leave full, with leftovers (the non-Americanized dayglo organge Chinese food is one of the few leftovers I love). A few weeks ago, I had the salt and pepper shrimp (peeled & shelled, not the head-on whole shrimp which is a little crunchy for my tastes) which was fantastic, lightly breaded and tossed with ginger and scallions, plus the beef with jalapenos, a scallion pancake, and some fried dumplings (straight from the freezer I think). I still think RP would be optimum for a small group (6 or 8?) hound dinner. Drop me a line (email in mychow info) if that would be up your alley. We can coordinate via email.

      2. Our Sunday night tradition is Chez Lulu in English Village...we love their Napoletana pizza. It's MUCH less expensive than Jinsei or Table or Icon. Also love the soup and salad from Tria Market in Homewood. Not a restaurant, but another Sunday night staple in our house.

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          J. Alexander's is another consistent chain for a Sunday night pinch, by Galleria Mall in Hoover.