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new President's Choice item -- 'Our Best Ever Meat Lasagna' [moved from Ontario board]

just wanted to share a new item i tried this weekend ....i'd have to say the best frozen lasagna i've had


a little pricey .... as it's more expensive and smaller than the 'normal' PC one
it was $15 at no frills ... so could potentially be more at loblaws

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  1. Good to know...got to admit, I swiveled my head when I passed this. Will try soon.

    1. Always loved pc lasagna. Om nom nom....

      1. Thanks for the heads up! I'm looking forward to trying it.

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          That's pretty expensive for a frozen lasagna. For that price it better be substantially better than the average.

        2. I find Roman brand frozen lasagna (or any of their entrees) to be the best, but I will give this a try.

          1. This is by far the best I've ever had, an exquisite orchestra of ingredients and flavor. Beats anything I've had hands down. Try it and you'll be like me, with a happy tummy! Something very special which takes lasagna's to a new level; I cannot even get such a great lasagna in a restaurant. I deserve it such a product... I do!

            1. I found the rapini a bit too bitter, and the cheese was almost runny/watery after I cooked it as per their instructions. Ground meat was much too fine as well ( prefer mine a bit chunkier), and the touch of spiciness didn't seem to go well with the whole thing (first time I've ever had spicy lasagna before). Overall it was disappointing for me.

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              1. re: Royaljelly

                Disappointing for us as well. Tried it this evening. Bitter rapini, runny cheese, way too much rich bechamel and not enough tomato sauce. It has potential but would be better without the rapini and bechamel. Odd that I didn't notice anything spicy.

                If you want the best take out meat lasagna, try Papa Dave's in New West (Vancouver).

                1. re: foodsnobz

                  Very disappointed as was eager to try based on advertisement.
                  Bottom layer hardened to a point that was not easy to cut.
                  Agreed that there is too much bachamel and not enough tomato sauce. Not spicy in the least but the rapani left aftertaste similar to horseradish. Do not recommend.

                  1. re: peach76

                    I hope they delete this poroduct asap! Extremely bland due to the bechamel sauce preponderance. Outrageous price for what you get.

              2. I too got sucked in by the "best ever" (why does this always work??!). Where do I start?

                I didn't really find the rapini bitter, but this is FAR from being "the best ever lasagna". I think they forgot to add the cheese and instead opted for cheap, gloopy, runny white sauce that faintly resembles an actual bechamel.

                The *only* thing I did like was what seemed to be the fresh pasta. It had a good bite to it. But other than that, I would certainly never buy this again, and in fact encourage others not to waste their money.