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Nov 3, 2008 11:48 AM

Where can I buy pork belly in Center City, Philly?

This seems to be on so many menus and I want to learn to cook it at home. Any suggestions and any recipes would be great.

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  1. I usually buy mine at the Vietnamese grocery stores on Washington Ave, but there should be plenty in Chinatown. Price should be less than $2/lb. I usually cure it (pancetta), cure & smoke (bacon), or cure, braise, and finish in a hot pan.

    A great recipe for this time of year is Dan Barber's: although I think I'd use a different collection of spices in the cure next time. That said, I made it in the summer, so it might work very well this time of year.

    1. i can't imagine cannuli's not having it on 9th street. if not, i am sure that any asian super market would have it too. go to and check out recipes.....

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        Cannuli's has it frozen with bones-in. If you want top, top quality, I'd check with D'Angelo Bros about sourcing a Berkshire or pastured pig. Also, I forgot to mention that Giunta's in the Reading Terminal will special order it for you.

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          Fair Food Farms in the Reading Terminal has had it, but I don't know if they always have it.

      2. agreed: any Asian supermarket should carry it. if there is an H-Mart (Korean grocer) nearby, try them as Koreans eat their fair share of (BBQ) pork belly.

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          Thank you all so much for the suggestions. Will let you know what happens . . .

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            How'd you make out with the pork belly?