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Nov 3, 2008 11:26 AM

White with blue trim bakeware

I saw this beautiful au gratin dish, white with blue twim around the edge on one of the food blogs. Here it is (scroll down):

Does anyone know what brand it is and/or where I can find something very similar to this dish? I'm in love with it!

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  1. Looks to me like either Corning or Pyrex that is better than 30 years old. My granny had a 10 piece set that looked very close to that.

    1. The shade of blue and the shape of the casserole could be Dansk from the '70's/'80's.

      Vintage bake ware shows up frequently at etsy, rubylane, e-bay. Much of it is priced comparably to new. IMO the old is better, doesn't explode like much of the newer pieces.

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        There is some bakeware and from Dansk currently that is similar (although the blue is more of a navy color). I believe it is called "Bistro" or something like that. There is dinnerware that is similar that is called "Concerto" that kinda matches if you like that look. If you go to the Dansk website they have all their current patterns. I have the Concerto dishes and they are very nice looking and durable. I have a couple of Bistro pieces and they are nice as well (I think the difference is that they are heavier than the concerto pieces, which makes sense since they are more for baking and serving). They all coordinate pretty well.