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Nov 3, 2008 11:07 AM

St. John's, Archway

Ate here on a visit some five years ago and can't find too much updated information online. Is it still worth a trip next time I'm in town? I had a lovely lunch and really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and ambiance of the dining room.

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  1. I ate there a few months ago. It's still nice. It's still atmospheric. It's a good place.

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    1. re: kristainlondon

      Great pub and great food. I lived not far away for 9 years and didn't discover it till year 8!!. Now living in France and missing it.

    2. I haven't eaten there for a couple of years now, but it was still great back then. Fantastic steak and chips (I'm very fussy about my steaks)...

      Helen Yuet Ling Pang