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Nov 3, 2008 10:53 AM

good brunch places in Westchester?

Looking for a good brunch place in Westchester (preferably within 20 minutes of White Plains). I live in Manhattan, but I'm usually up in that area so I was wondering if there are any good non-Manhattan type brunch places.

Preferably something with good atmosphere (more country/nature-view type as opposed to urban sophisticated) and homestyle/comfort/fresh ingredients (as opposed to big servings/greasy joints). Plus points if it has nice twists on the classic egg-based breakfasts. Also open to suburban type experiences (had brunch at Atlanta Bread Company and I actually really liked it - tasted good for the price). Open to diners if it's the cozy/warm/neighborhood type. Around $10 per person.

Basically, looking for brunch places that make one feel that the hassles of the city is so far away and life is indeed happy, healthy, and good. =)

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  1. >>Around $10 per person.


    $38. a person is the cheapest great buffet brunch, and that's Restaurant X in Congers.

    I don't do single dish brunches, but I doubt you can get much for $10. a person.

    1. Krystle,
      it will be very difficult to find a brunch with fresh, healthy ingredients in a country/cozy atmosphere for $10 per person. I've wracked my brain- the only think I can think to suggest is that you go to a quality deli or lunch counter, get an egg sandwich, and take it to a park. I am sorry to say that even the crummiest diners have gotten expensive for what they serve, and "good brunch" in Westchester has come to mean spending about the same amount of $ you would on dinner (such as at popular venues like Blue Hill, X in Yonkers, and various country clubs). Why not go to a good bagel shop (I like the one in Bronxville) and take a nice walk through a tranquil suburban town while enjoying a bagel egg sandwich? It's not the country, but it's quite far removed (in atmosphere) from Manhattan.
      Others on this board might be able to point you to reasonably-priced neighborhood cafes that serve brunch, but I doubt you will find anything like the $10 full egg-based breakfast you seem to be looking for. I think you'd have trouble at that price point even as far as up as Ulster/Greene counties, where plenty of these types of country restaurants exist.
      Good luck, though.

      1. Thanks. I guess I meant around $8-12 for an entree and maybe $2 for coffee. That type of place. Not really looking for a fancy, sophisticated brunch at a "highly rated" restaurant that would have more anniversary type dinners such as Blue Hill or X.

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          OK -- Sam's of Gedney Way might fit the bill. There is a place in Greenwich and another in Ossining, if I'm not mistaken, that posters have liked.

        2. Maybe Green Apples Eatery in Fleetwood would fit the bill. I actually thought the food was pretty good although I didn't have breakfast there.

          Anyway, it may not be country, but I thought it was homey and better than most diner food.

          1. I haven't been there in a while, but it's always been comfy and the breakfasts are the draw [besides the pies]. (Circa 20-25 minutes from White Plains). Call for their prices -- they'll quote them if you ask kindly. : )

            Grandma's [Pies] of Yorktown
            3525 Crompond Rd./Rte. 202 (Bear Mountain State Pkwy.)
            Yorktown, NY 10567