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Nov 3, 2008 09:56 AM

[Tokyo/Yokohama] More chowing with baby

Hi everyone -

Firstly, a shout out to Robb S - it's Frances, Matt's friend!

Secondly, I'm really interested in all the posts about eating out in Japan with a baby

When I lived in Japan, I was single and fancy-free.

Now, I'll be returning to Japan for ten days over Thanksgiving with hubby and an 8-month old baby in tow. We will be staying in the Kannai area of Yokohama with frequent excursions out to Tokyo.

Other than "family restaurants" and department store roofs, any suggestions for eating out near Kannai or south Tokyo?

My hubby would prefer to eat exclusively Japanese food,.

I love izakayas and yakiniku and will remember the tip to go at 5pm to avoid the rush and smoke.

Looking forward to your yummy suggestions. Also, Japanese is no issue.



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  1. Hey! Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

    Daidaiya in Minato Mirai was pretty good the last time I was there. And the area around Yokohama Station probably has the highest concentration of izakaya, including places inside shopping malls/ dept stores that might be more stroller-friendly than stand-alone shops. Sangendou in Bayside Quarter ( ) is pretty down-to-earth.

    Also check out the JR Shonan Line - it's easier to get to Ebisu and Shinjuku from Yokohama than it used to be.

    1. Thanks for the tips Robb - I wanna go to that robatayaki place in Shinjuku again that we went to once.

      For anyone else on this thread, here are a few more suggestions that I collected offline:

      Keke Vegetarian Buffet (Komazawa-koen)

      Maisen Tonkatsu (Aoyama

      Saimarket (Ikebukuro

      Also, a listing of all the non-smoking restaurants in Tokyo

      No Smoke Restaurants

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        You're welcome!

        By the way, if you read Japanese, Kinen-style is a much more up-to-date and complete guide to non-smoking restaurants.

        1. re: beetlehead

          Been to Keke a couple of times because we live in the neighborhood and I would strongly recommend it. Besides kid friendly it is Dog friendly. The food is very fresh and constantly coming out. Very local and very organic. You even get to see pictures of the farmers where each dish comes from.

          Been to Maisen in Omotesando....The Mrs. took me there and said that its the best tonkatsu in tokyo. We waited on line for like about 15 minutes...I knew it had to be good...and it was....