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Nov 3, 2008 09:27 AM

MSP- Mort Report ??

Any Morts Deli early news ?

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  1. I went to snoop around. As expected, it's their first day and you can tell. Very busy and it's taking its toll. That's completely forgiven as far as I'm fact, I don't think it's at all fair to be talking about a place on their first day.

    That said, I was there and I thought they would appreciate a very simple to-go order: 1 cup of matzo ball soup.

    The broth: Outstanding. Rich, salty and fatty in the best sense.
    Other things found in there: A kreplach. Interesting bonus. But he had held it up and asked if I wanted it in there...I said "sure". Nice noodles. My first bite had a carrot which had the obvious earthy flavor of freshly cut. Chicken breast which was clearly hand-cut/pulled.
    The matzo ball (half actually): Uh oh. Pulled from next to its two pals in a steam tray. After they put my soup in the container, it was a good 10 minutes before I paid, they found a spoon and I got to the car. The poor matzo ball was still suffering from dehydration. The recipe was good and the outer layer that had reabsorbed the broth was nice. I'm assuming the matzo balls won't be abused like that on a regular basis. (I overheard one of the kitchen guys say there was a 40 minute wait in the dining area for soup). All in all, they really needed to be sitting in some moisture.

    Aready, it was far more pleasureable the crappy industrialized soup at Cecil's and Fishman's which are my two most recent MSP matzo ball experiences outside of my house.

    The menu is extensive. The atmosphere kind of reminds me of the short-lived Louie's Habit in Wayzata -- it won't spark flashbacks to the Lincoln Del or a NYC deli restaurant.

    There's definite promise here. We'll see.

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      Low quality cameraphone photo.

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        If you like good chicken soup, Crossorads deli is very good.

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          Looks like Morts has first week kinks that must be ironed out, hope most will be gone by friday when I go.

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          The soup? I'm not sure...I don't pay a whole lot of attention to prices unless they seem really low or high. I'm guessing around $3-something for a cup. I have the menu at work...I'll edit this when I'm there.

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            got a corned beef on rye to go. asked for a half, got charged for a half, seems I got a whole. unless "half" means simply less meat instead of a full sandwich. the sandwich was excellent. corned beef was moist, cut pretty thick, tender without falling apart, little bit of fat left on...just the way i like it. the bread was fresh and tasty. good start. haven't yet had an occasion to dine in.

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              Looks like Morts is over the start up speed bumps, every thing was great for us, and most new posts are good reports on everything, I must get more corned beef on rye -soon !!