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Nov 3, 2008 08:50 AM

Rocco's Tacos in West Palm Beach

I wanted to create a thread on this since there hasn't been any. Rocco's Tacos is on Clematis in downtown WPB. It's definitely a trendy and somewhat pricey place overall. The interior is pretty cool with a tin plated rustic ceiling and two large orange glowing lamp fixtures. There are tables outside on the sidewalk and the interior was open when I have been.

The menu looks very good and I had my doubts about the authenticity of their food. Lots of good options to choose from and some good specials. Actually, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted on my visits. The tres amigas salsa starter is a good sampling of what is to come next. One standard house salsa, one so called white salsa, and a chile de arbol rounds it out. The house was pretty good but the chile de arbol was my favorite. None of them have much heat and the white was a bit sour in comparison. The chips are dusted with seasonings, which they will not divulge. Cinnamon was definitely one of them and I imagine chili powder and others as well. They even make their own bottled hot sauce.

I had to go the mole route, since this is usually a staple for me. Their chicken mole enchiladas are pretty good and the brown mole is above average from what I have sampled in the area. The presentation is definitely a sign that they care about what they serve. There are many options to consider and the special of ceviche almost won me over with red pepper, cilantro, and a guajillo lime based marinade. The two molcajete entrees are available for one or two people.

The cheese that most dishes use are chihuahua and cojita. There's Mexican lasagna, chili rellenos, and cochinita pibil. I love the latter but expect a lot from it since I make it at home. There's no al pastor but many other offerings make up for this. I have a lot more to try and two will be a molcajete sefood and the market fish of the day which is agave cooked (?) and served with mango pineapple salsa, roasted corn, and sweet potato chorizo hash.

Dessert was a highlight for me and the flan was like no other I have had. It was a huge slice of flan and not a small molded serving. It was drizzled with caramel sauce that overpowered the flavor of the flan and accompanied with homemade whipped topping on the side with strawberries all drizzled with caramel. The flan was denser than cheesecake and was way too much for me to finish on my own. This version of flan was very good but I would get the caramel sauce on the side next time.

It's a party type atmosphere and a somewhat trendy place to visit. They have about 200 types of tequila on each side of the bar. I'd consider it to be a see and be seen resto but not one that doesn't seem inviting for anyone to patronize. Dress is casual to dressy casual. I have and will definitely keep going back as it is more than I imagined it would be. Service was very good and there's plenty of staff on hand.

Check out their creative Mexican menu:

Rocco 's Taco & Tequila Bar
224 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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  1. My cousin knows the owner and we've been there for drinks a few times but never for food because its always packed when we leave. Will have to give it a try next time Im up there.

    1. Apparently one of their chefs is going to be on an upcoming season of Top Chef (not the NY one). Solid food, nothing mind-blowing.

      1. I went there again last night, 2nd trip, and I'll definitely go back again. The spicy beef tacos are the best deal there, but you got to love the guac too. Again, excellent caparinha from the bar. The wait staff was even more on the ball than last April when we first visted. And the placed was packed by 8 PM on a Monday. Enjoy!

        1. Their tacos are nothing much from my experience. They skimp on the taco's main ingredients like cochinita pibil and especially the fish, which contain less than a spoonful's worth. I think Tacos Al Carbon delivers more authentic real deal tacos.

          The tomatillo green salsa is way too sour in comparison to the other three. Tomatillo based salsas need a bit of sugar to counter their tart sour taste.