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Nov 3, 2008 08:48 AM

Piermont Restaurant--Great Diner Food-Great People!

Was taken to a small diner in Tenafly, NJ yesterday and fell in love with the place. It's called Piermont Restaurant at 72 Piermont Road...(tel no. is 201-568-0133).
They make EVERYTHING HOMEMADE AND TO ORDER!!!!! It is a family owned and run diner that has been here forever and known mostly to locals. They serve breakfast, lunch and on some days, dinner. Everything is made from scratch and served with warmth and timeliness. I had a truly homemade chicken soup with pastini and noodles. Nancy runs the place and her folks come from the Piedmont section of Italy. Her pride in her food shows! The physical layout of the diner is not snobs should come here...Just true lovers of great homecooked food and kindness...I especially loved the fresh tomatoes in the side salad, the crispy bacon on my sandwich and the full-bodied tea that I got...not some wimpy, weak tea bag...but a true tea lover's tea..It is very reasonably priced. Go have a bit of home with Nancy and her gang!

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  1. having grown up down the road from this diner.i have to agree,its a small treasure among the big places.
    i can remember walking there for lunch as a kid.
    thanks for the reminder of my past,

    1. always wondered about that place, as it's on my running it open only for lunchenette hours?

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        Sorry for delay in response. I believe they do dinner too....up till 8 pm.

      2. I would concur that the Piermont restaurant is a good stop for freshly prepared experience consists mostly for breakfast and lunches at the counter....the daily specials are varied and well prepared, nothing fancy. They are very reasonably priced and I definitely prefer it over the Tenafly Diner.

        My thoughts on similar eateries in the area are:

        Northern Valley...nay
        Closter Diner...yay, but it's slightly more expensive than the Piermont.

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          Thanks for this info! I also grew up around the corner from the Piermont - when it was known as Romero's Restaurant, home to bacon and egg sandwiches and the classic greasy chesseburger deluxe served with RC Cola. The Piermont sounds like a great call for a Tenafly quick fix.