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Nov 3, 2008 08:46 AM

MargaritaI Recipe Needed

I love good Margaritas. I abhor Island Oasis and other mixes. They give me very bad acid indigestion. I prefer a good homemade recipe please for my Taco Bar Party Wed. please.

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  1. The recipe I use is pretty much the standard Classic Margarita recipe:

    2 oz Reposado Tequila (I like Milagro)
    1 oz Lime Juice (Fresh)
    1 oz Cointreau

    1. There are soooooooooooooooo many margarita posts on this board. You should have no problem finding quite a few of them with a basic search.

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      1. re: invinotheresverde

        3 parts reposado, 2 parts cointreau, 1 part lime.

        Though not strictly a margarita, I also like:
        2 parts reposado, 1 part anejo, 2 parts grand marnier, 1 part lime juice

      2. Proportions, which type of tequila (blanco/silver or reposado), which type of orange liqueur and even the juice are all matters of preference. I happen to like Cointreau and half lemon, half lime for the juice. And I'd say a silver/blanco tequila (they are the same thing, make sure 100% agave). But. We went through this recently. Depending upon how large a party, using Cointreau could be cost-prohibitive. I usually make 'em just a couple at a time, so not such a big deal.

        I don't even know what my ratio was the last time I made them, probably roughly 2:1:1.

        1. Yes, stay away from mixes. Margaritas aren't green.

          I would agree with everyone else the ratio is generally 2:1:1 - tequila, triple sec, lime juice. I like to use a little less lime in mine and prefer a blanco or cheaper reposado for a margarita. Cointreau is the origin orange liqueur used but Patron has come out with an orange liqueur which I think does a fine job (and costs half the price). And for the budget minded, Aeroplano reposado tequila does fine as well for a margarita (not sure on the availibilty, I'm in the midwest).

          Robert Hess does a good demostration of a proper margarita over at Small Screen Network:

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          1. re: TimmyNoir

            On the Patron Citronge, not universal on the price. Cointreau here, 34 bucks, or 30 sometimes on sale. Patron Citronge, $27. Not worth the savings. I started out with Citronge, but when I bought and used the Cointreau I noticed a big, to my taste, improvement.

            1. re: CrazyOne

              I do love a little sweetness..could that come from a spoon of sugar??