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Nov 3, 2008 08:36 AM

Chocolates in Dallas

I'm visiting the Dallas for one week and I would greatly appreciate any recs on specialty chocolates in the area. I've heard of Noka chocolates...what do you think?

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  1. regarding Noka:

    Unfortunately with Doughmonkey out of the picture there are no world class chocolatiers in town.

    1. I'm not familiar with Noka, but in Dallas there is:

      Chocolate Secrets
      3926 Oak Lawn Avenue
      Dallas, TX 75219
      (214) 252-9801

      Personally, I've had much better quality unadorned, packaged chocolates (Sarotti) at a fraction of the cost, but if you're looking for glitz, check out this place. They also have an adjoining wine room and I believe offer chocolate/wine pairings.

      In Grapevine, there's:

      Schakolad Chocolate Factory
      601 S. Main St.
      Grapevine, TX

      I sampled 4 or 5 of their individual chocolates and experienced the same disappointment with one exception: amaretto ganache. Rich, creamy and loaded with amaretto! Given their displays, they seem to cater more to unique gifting ideas of chocolate footballs, saxophones, doggies, footprints, picture frames, etc.

      You can google either one and find other review sites - probably NOKA as well.

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      1. re: CocoaNut

        Second the Chocolate Secrets place; good chocolate, good ice cream, good wine.

      2. J Dorian is a great chocolatier up in Addison:

        5312 Beltline Road
        Dallas, Texas 75254

        He varies the flavors seasonally, but usually has quite a good assortment. I've used boxes from their as gifts with a lot of success, even for chocolate snob friends.

        I don't think Schakolad is strictly local, as they have locations across the US, but the hot chocolate at the location at the Shops at Legacy wasn't bad.

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        1. re: babar

          JDorian is a jerk. I called to confirm their store hours and was told 6pm. After driving 20 minutes and arriving at 5:45, they were closed up and lights off. I'd shop elsewhere.

          1. re: MadMiles442

            I'll say one thing about J. Dorian chocolates. They're definitely an "acquired taste". I don't care much for them.

          1. re: Rodeline

            Neuhaus on Preston and Royal. Right smack in the middle of Dallas. Great European chocolate without all the frills. It is attached to a cafe and a Alessi shop. Noka is all about VERY expensive presentation/packaging housed in a million dollar 'showroom'. I just didn't get that place when i went - way overrated.

            1. re: pizzaQTpie

              I like Godiva better than Neuhaus ...

              If you like a practiced flirt, stop and talk to the guy at the little Noka ... what do you call it, not a kiosk, but not a store either ... by the Neiman's entrance at Northpark. Just don't waste your money on the chocolate.

              I assume the link at the top is that investigative piece on Noka ... truly a great read. Like a real-life spy novella for chocolate lovers ...

              1. re: foiegras

                Godiva is a commercial middle grade product.

                1. re: kel

                  One that I like better than Neuhaus. Some of their LE truffles have been quite good.

                  Neuhaus Cafe
                  626 Preston Royal Shopping Ctr, Dallas, TX 75230

          2. "Paper and Chocolate" inside Inwood Village is a wonderful gift shop that not only sells unique papers, stationary and related gift items they also sell incredible chocolates from Amelie in Italy and Wiseman Chocolate from Hico, Texas.
            I've been to two chocolate classes there arranged by the Slow Food people and I was very impressed with the quality of these two diverse brands of chocolate.