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Nov 3, 2008 07:28 AM

Anyone been to Ruth Chris lately?

My folks are coming to town and want to go to Ruth Chris. The last time I went was at the loc in the concrete jungle of Addison and I was sadly underimpressed, but this is their choice. I have some reward points that I can redeem for a RC gift card. I'm wondering, generally speaking, what is the going price for say a salad, side dish and entree (I understand it depends on which steak you order), per person, no drinks. It's been well over 5 years since I've been and I'm certain prices have escalated. At that time, it seem it was around 50/pp.

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  1. CocoaNut,

    Not pronouncing that I know the prices. I used to send my parents there every year for their anniversary until the one on Cedar Springs closed and they hate driving to Addison.

    I have attached the menu link and the info for the restaurant. I would call ahead and ask them to see if they will fax or email you a menu with prices. You are driving halfway across the metroplex you might want to have your mind made up beforehand. Iam not sure which one you will choose the one in Downtown Ft. Worth or North Dallas/Addison so I gave you the info for both.

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      I went in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and the prices are pretty much in line with other steakhouses, 50-60 per person depending on steak including salad and sides. I may get pounded on this one, but we also went to Texas Land and Cattle for quite a bit less and found the steaks to be very good, although the side aren't as interesting. We also went last year and enjoyed it just as well.

    2. Ruth's has a promotion 2 for $89.00. I am not sure if it is still gooing on. You may want to call and see. The promotion ran all summer and was so sucessful, it was continued into the fall.

      1. Thanks so much everyone! I think I'll give the one in Ft. Worth a try. I used to love going to the one on Cedar Springs - classy and intimate with wonderful service and good food. And the scalloped potatoes - Well suffice to say, I could just dive into those head first. But for $90.00..... nah. They're just not that good, but thanks for the heads up!

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        1. re: CocoaNut

          They don't still have that special going on, but it was only $45. pp, so not too shabby. The catch was that you had a limited menu to order from, of course.

          If you want to see prices, go to zagat, choose Houston, search for Ruth Chris and you can see the menu with the prices.

          1. re: danhole

            dh - that's perfect! Just what I needed to know.

          2. re: CocoaNut

            I forgot to mention, the steaks were great, as was the service and atmosphere, Ruths' Chris that is.