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Nov 3, 2008 06:51 AM

Best Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City/Metro area?

Just curious what the local faves were...

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  1. I've never been there, but I hear both good and bad things about Coffee Slingers in Downtown OKC.

    My personal favorite is about an hour north of OKC in Stillwater - Aspen Coffee Company.

    1. I agree with the Coffee Slingers rec. Nice place,clean sparse decor, great staff. They do a better French press than other coffee shops in town.

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        It depends on what you mean by coffee shop. A coffee shop used to be a diner type place where you could get breakfast or lunch as well as coffee. With Starbucks the concept of the coffee shop has changed somewhat to be more like a European coffee cafe. Beverly's on Northwest Expressway would probably fall into the first type of coffee shop mentioned. It is open 24 hours and has a variety of good food options. A lot of coffee cafe type places have come and gone in Oklahoma City including a few Starbuck's locations. Neighbors Coffee is an Oklahoma City based coffee wholesaler that has a number of Java Dave's coffee shops throughout the city. There used to be a decent coffee shop at the Kamp's Grocery Store but I do not know if it is still open. In Bethany across from Southern Nazarene University there is a place called the Java Joint that has had about five different owners but has been somewhat popular over the last 15-20 years. On 89th and South Western there is a place called Wholly Grounds that has been around a few years. Of course there are Barnes & Noble stores that are popular and sell Starbucks coffee and Borders which sells Seatle's Finest. I have never been to Coffee Slingers but it looks like a cool place.

        Bigray in Ok