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Nov 3, 2008 06:39 AM

Queen's Grill Room - HK Style Western Food

I noticed a new HK style Western Food restaurant just opend in the old location of Dickens on Hwy 7 (the place below Full House and besides the wok hay cantonese restaurant "Good Choices" or "人人" in cantonese). Has anyone tried it out ?

I saw a advertisment of it in a weekly chinese magazine and noticed it has the same symbol as the Queen's bakery (not a good sign). The pricing it is not cheap.

Thank you.

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  1. I saw the adv as wells and I went there check it yesterday at lunch time. I would say I can't see any other western food rest. operated by Chinese(Hk style? not much hint in the menu I saw) can compare to them, from variety of choice in the menu, presentation (so impress bc I think this is a HK style before I came in) and taste. The price is cheap compare to what I get.
    If I didn't see a chinese server there, I will guess this is a new high end western restaurant in RH.

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      Thanks. We are not talking about HK style cafe in terms of "Cha Chan Tang" here. The format and price point looks similar to the HK style western food restaurants Maxim's or Amigo. How does it compare to Maxim's on Bayview& Major Mac and the Maxim's on Leslie and Finch ?

      1. re: skylineR33

        I think Amigo is definitely a HK style western food restaurant. The price you pay and the food you get is definitely a steal(I am referring their lunch special starting at 4.99). I would rate them average overall. But I can't compare these 2 since they are definitely not in the same league.

        I have lunch at Maxim's on Lesile and Finch location once before they moved to next store. Can't remember what kind of pasta I ordered, but all I can say is I like it. Never try dinner bc. everytime I suggest to give them a try, there is always an objection. Bad experience, pricy etc. I guess I will give them a try at Bayview location with my son only since he is the only one who can't object me. Thanks skyline remind me there may be another one operated by Chinese made food with their heart. I wish you know what I mean. I put Maxim's on my To-Eat-List #2.

        1. re: pokerdan

          Thanks for the info. I think I know what you mean. I will give Queen's a try based on your recommendation. I cannot think of other good HK style western food that is good, Firefly and Goldsor has gone donehill alots with my experience, and we are certainly lacking the high end one like the first Gaddis many many years ago.

          1. re: skylineR33

            The one time I had lunch at Queen's Grill Room, I enjoyed a nice smoked salmon salad, which if you know these places is a fairly typical offering. But this one had better-than-average smoked salmon that looked and tasted house-marinated (insofar as it was more like gravlax and came coated in dill). My friend had a large serving of seafood fettuccine with al dente pasta and fresh seafood. I would recommend the place based on the food, but the setting is a little weird - it's decorated to look like a Victorian parlour room and is very dark during the daytime (as my friend said, "to save electricity"!)

            I don't know about you, but I miss the original Dicken's most of all!

    2. Hello skylineR33,
      Omni2 TV : Trendy Zone featured the restaurant three weeks ago. Food is more western looking than your typical HK style western food - a la Maxim on 9665 Bayview. Actually, I would compare it more to Richmond Grill or Tutto Bene in the same area. Looking at the price, I would prefer going to Tutto Bene instead! Have you been? Interested? The grilled seafood with boullabaise broth appertizer is very very good! If you have a big appetite, Tutto Bene's monstrous size veal chop is also great!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        I was at Tutto Bene a few weeks ago on my friend's birthday day. I like the food there, their pasta is very nicely done with its price range. I almost order the boullaibase but order something else finally, and with your recommendation, I want to try it right now ! Thanks for the tips.

        1. re: skylineR33

          Lets go sometime! Its been a while since I had that dish ( one of my favourite dish in TO ).