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Nov 3, 2008 06:10 AM

Where fore art thou Corned beef hash?

My fickle mistress, where upon doth thou lie?

I read on here that Clark's in brooklyn heights made their own, but when I asked the (very gruff) waiter said they do not. Perhaps it is still quite good (not canned) but I didn't order it.

The best I know of is Thomas Ham and Eggery in nassau county, anywhere in brooklyn or queens? I'm gonna go post this on manhattan now too.

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  1. One of the last things still decent at Junior's on Flatbush at DeKalb (although it was about a year since I still had it). Let me know if you try it.

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      Dizzy's (9th St and 8th Ave in Park Slope) makes their own, though I think they put red peppers in it, which, to me, doesn't quite work. But homemade, fresh, and pretty tasty. I like their breakfasts in general.

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        Breakfast in general is the only good thing left at Junior's. And yes they do make their own CBH. It's pretty good too. Alchemy's is good as well but only available on weekends if I'm correct.

      2. I thought the hash at Alchemy was tasty.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. If Clark's isn't canned, the recipe was deliberately created to taste exactly like canned. Or, in other words, it is canned. Which is fine---I like canned CBH. My experiences of home made (none local) range from as much better than canned as one would expect from home made to not as good as Broadcast canned CBH due to poor execution or overly creative efforts (like that pepper thing mentioned in another post) that detract from the corned beef hashedness of the dish.
            Sorry that I have no suggestions for your quest but I hope that if you do score some good hash you will share the info here.

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              There's a special place in my heart for canned. Just like there is for green can parmasean or microwave curritos. But the canned is easy to find. That's the thing.

              I'll let you all know what I find when I find it. Sounds like some good suggestions.

            2. its been a little while but tavern on dean (dean and underhill in prospect heights) used to have home made corned beef hash on its brunch menu.