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Nov 3, 2008 05:19 AM

Galatoire's enthusiasts.

I visit Galatoire's around five times a year. However, I am a creature of habit.
I order the same items everytime I go there.
Grand Goute', Oysters en brochette, and the recommendation of my waiter for the fresh fish.
Going with three couples this weekend and wanted to know if I have missed any of their wonderful dishes.
What are some of your favorite items on their menu?


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  1. I dunno ... I've never seen the menu there -- the food just arrives . . . .

    1. 6 pack of Rock
      Lamb Chop Bernaise
      Stuffed Eggplant
      Crab Meat Au Gratin

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      1. re: edible complex

        love the lamb chops.
        oysters rockefeller are standard issue for me.

      2. Softshell crab, (Fried,of course...), souffle potatoes w/ powdered sugar, chicken Clemenceau, chicken Financier, sole amandine or meuniere. Are the brochettes the ones wrapped w/ bacon and deep fried? If so....Yummm-m-m-m. Have fun!

        1. I branch out with sweetbreads financiere or wny ole way we can cookup to do them(black butter, whatever). the crabmeat canape Lorenzo is a great app if they put enough crabmeat in it..wake it up with a drop of Tabasco. The stuffed egglpant is good --again if they'' stuff the hell out of it---but lately it has not had the skin on it and that irritates me. Mys sister won't order it unless the waiter shows he one bound for another table. I love the chops with bearnaise, I eat an artichoke hollandaise about 50% of the time (last place I know that still serves a plain artichoke). the Godchaux salad is always good as are the other Dept Store salads. Crabmeat Yvonne is terrific...order extra garlic..but remember if you are eating it in the winter, you will likely get with it. The truth is they'll accomodate you, especialy if you eat there five times a year.

            1. re: N.O.Food

              Good suggestion...have not done that in awhile.