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Nov 3, 2008 04:45 AM

Pizza Cave & Levana's closing?

I've heard that Pizza Cave and Levana's (on the upper West Side of Manhattan) will be closing...does anyone know if it's true?
In the wake of Nargila closing there will then be nothing in the 60's & 70's!

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  1. Not true: there is Mike's Place on 72nd St. and Esti Hana on 79th.

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    1. re: SRG

      And on Amsterdam, there's Hummus Place as well as Crumbs for baked goods. Buttercup and Magnolia are both kosher, and so is Fischer Bros (though the hecksher is admittedly questioned by many).

      1. re: DeisCane

        I think you have a misplaced modifier. Fischer Brothers is supervised by the OU, the cupcake joints are not and they have non-universally-accepted heckshers.

        1. re: craigcep

          No, actually I confused Fischer Bros with Fine & Schapiro in my post. Also, 72nd St. Bagel is kosher.

        2. re: DeisCane

          And don't forget Bagels and Co on Amsterdam between 78th and 79th. For quite a while now, I've actually been getting pizza there when I go to that neighborhood.

          I, for one, will not miss Pizza Cave at all. It was never spectacular to begin with, but it got progressively worse over time, eventually to the point that I decided never to eat their food again.

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            With regard to Pizza Cave, many years back I had a bad experience with them and, like you, decided not to eat there. I kept this resolution for a number of year, but recently gave them another chance and have really been impressed by the seemingly new management/countermen and the quality of the food. I regularly order from them and am seldom disappointed. I would suggest giving them another try!

            1. re: bigredesq

              The management and service may have changed? I hadn't heard about that.

              Well, based on yesterday's election results, it seems to be a time to opt for change, right? :-) So maybe I'll give them one more shot next time I'm on the UWS.

      2. Just got off the phone with Levana - without elaborating further, the woman who answered the phone said that she was aware of the rumor and that "the rumor should not have any effect on the business for the remainder of the year and perhaps at least through the end of the first half of 2009."

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          That's sad. You know, they really didn't get the word out about themselves well over the years. That would have helped.

        2. I just called Pizza Cave;they denied the rumor.