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Nov 3, 2008 04:22 AM

Recommendations for thanksgiving or any good restuarants in/around spring Hill

Hi all
I'm be holidaying in Spring Hill (which I think is in Hernando County if that helps!) over thanksgiving and we thought we'd take advantage and try and find somewhere we can have the 'traditional' meal. But all we've found so far is people saying you can't beat homemade dinner. Now while I'm sure that's true it's not possible for the two of us to do that so we'll settle for second best instead!
We've holidayed in Spring Hill before but have only really found chain restaurants so any suggestions for good restaurant of all types are appreciated


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  1. I don't know of anything other than chains in Spring Hill although it is growing quickly. About 30 minutes north in Crystal River is a wonderful restaurant, Vintage on 5th. The restaurant is located in a former church and is small. Reservations are recommended. The food is excellent with a decent wine selection. On our last visit I had walnut-crusted lamb chops and hubby had scallops -- both wonderful. The owners used to own Crystal River Wine & Cheese which I understand had to close due to lease issues. Not sure if Vintage on 5th is open for Thanksgiving, but is worth the drive during your visit.

    1. I'll be in Spring Hill too. Some of the country clubs have a thanksgiving meal. There are a few non chains around.

      1. Kalley K's on US 19 is a nice little restaurant. Mamma's D's on Deltona at Forest Oaks also always has good food. Neither are very fancy but you are looking for a meal not a night's entertainment. Las Bresas at Kass Circle off Spring Hill Drive also has VERY good food (and definitely NOT limited to just Mexican).

        1. Momma D's Diner was excellent the few times that I have eaten there.........great service and prices..its at the corner of Forest Oaks and Deltona....Lee is who gave me the directions 352-688-5787