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Nov 3, 2008 03:40 AM

Suggestions on Breakfast in the Main Line area, no Philly

I'm looking for some good suggestions for places to get a good Breakfast in the Main Line area. Currently the only good place that I know of is Nudy's. Great food, but we're needing a little variety.
How is the Radnor Hotel's Brunch?

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  1. Classic Diner on rt.30 in Frazer. Hands down the best food.....pricey, though. Never had anything there that wasn't fantastic.

    1. Radnor brunch has a great selection and is really good, but definitely don't eat the day before :) Meridith's in Berwyn is a nice alternative too ( I second the Classic Diner in Frazer. Been going there for 15 years and nothing beats it...

      1. I second Classic Diner.