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Nov 3, 2008 02:41 AM

ándale in Harwich Center

Has anyone tried Andale yet where Aye Carumba used to be??

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  1. Got a website

    A reliable source says it's amazing..I head there Thur. for lunch I hope..

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      Lunch Review
      Fabulous waitstaff. The setting is the same as Aye Carumba. I love the chips and salsa and the limeade. I had a delicious tortilla soup in a rich tomato broth with lovely fresh veggies and avocados. Wow...the fish taco was good, not oh my. I guess I find the corn tortillas oddly rubbery as with Aye Carumba. The corn relish was nice, the cod slightly fishy.watery. My friend LOVED her beef burrito. The refried beans had chorizo. I do not eat meat so did not sample it. It was a nice lunch. We will go back for dinner next week.

      1. re: phelana

        We were great fans of Ay Carumba and finally made it to Andale for lunch on Columbus weekend. We were hoping to love it but did not. We had burritos of different kinds -- Vegetarian, Carne Asada and Pulled Pork, our predictable choices at Ay Carumba -- and each one paled in comparison. They simply lacked flavor; even when doused with hot sauce and salsa they were bland and almost close to tasteless and were mushy and lacked texture as well. We were disappointed. It's such a fun place on a warm summer evening, sitting outside and watching the world go by while sipping Margaritas or Mexican beer. We will no doubt give it another try come next season but wouldn't order burritos again.

        1. re: taddybelle

          We went back for dinner last night. The waiter was fabulous. The chairs I must say are the most comfy I have experienced. They are high back wooden chairs with the raffia woven bottoms. The owner cranked up the heat to the point we were sweating. Our waiter turned it down.

          As you may know they have some septic issue so only use plastic plates, cups and utensils. I try and overlook it but having an 8.95 Margarita in a plastic cup does not work for me. They cram the food onto the plate and it all mixes in a soupy mess. Bigger plates are really needed. Oddly enough the owner was seen at the bar washing out plastic cups. I do not know why. It's sad this place cannot be environmentally friendlier as the plastic situation really is not cool.

          The chips and salsa are AMAZING.

          We all had chicken enchiladas. There were about 4 pieces of chicken in mine. Not much. It was a soupy mess of soggy enchilada and sauce with some cheese. The cold zuccini veggies were in a cold cream sauce mixed into the mess of enchiladas.

          It was disappointing. Too bad as the waitstaff is consistent and the owners are really nice people. It's a great location and could have so much potential.